Where was Midsomer Murders Happy Families filmed?

Darcy Rafter October 4, 2021

Midsomer Murders brought a new murder mystery to our screens in season 22 episode 3’s Happy Families. It also left many viewers wondering where the episode was filmed.

Happy Families arrived on ITV on Sunday (3 October 2021). The usual cast has made a comeback alongside a number of guest stars.

Let’s discover the filming locations used in recent two-hour Midsomer Murders episode Happy Families.

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Midsomer Murders Season 22 | Official Trailer | Acorn TV

Midsomer Murders Season 22 | Official Trailer | Acorn TV

Where was Midsomer Murders Happy Families filmed?

Radio Times reports filming for the episode took place in and around Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. Most of the series’ shooting locations have been in rural locations, including in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. 

Nick Hendrix, otherwise known as DS Jamie Winter in the series, said the coronavirus pandemic meant filming for the episode was a “unique experience”.

In an interview with Radio Times, Neil Dudgeon also explained how the lock-down and covid restrictions had affected production.

He said returning to a set with the production crew and cast was like “getting out of jail”. 

“On set, everybody had their mask on and had to keep a distance. It felt really weird, like a post-apocalyptic Midsomer,” Neil explained. 

Despite the odd situation, Neil said within “ten minutes” he and his co-stars were straight back into the acting and creating a fantastic series.

Midsomer Murders Happy Families plot

The third episode of the season focuses on the Karras family, who have created and developed hand-made board games for decades. The family is preparing for a murder-mystery games weekend.

However, the event takes a sharp turn for the worse when an actual killer strikes. Victor Karras, who was celebrating his 70th birthday, is found dead.

Barnaby and Winter are called on to investigate the real murder mystery. However, things go from bad to worse when a storm hits Karras’s island and the detectives are left stranded and unable to investigate.

This means the remaining family members are left to discover who the killer of Victor Karras is in a real murder-mystery weekend.

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Other Midsomer Murders filming locations

The Stitcher Society episode was filmed in Buckinghamshire. John Thomson, who appears as a guest star in the episode, said he was familiar with the Midsomer filming locations.

“That whole area of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, when I was a kid in the 1970s I lived in Watford every summer and it was cool as I got to see the north and the south.

“Around that area it’s a melting pot of cinematic creativity. It’s very beautiful, Buckinghamshire, and such a lovely place to film. You can see from the show it’s a lovely place to be, Midsomer, but a very dangerous place too.”

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