Where is Skinwalker Ranch on a map of Utah? Location and future of the show explored

Iram Sharifah Khan June 9, 2021
Where is Skinwalker Ranch on a map of Utah? Location and future of the show explored

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch season 2 is coming to an end this month on the History Channel and fans want to know where the Skinwalker Ranch is on the map of Utah in real life.

Where is Skinwalker Ranch on a map of Utah?

Skinwalker Ranch (otherwise known as Sherman Ranch) is located in Uintah County, which on the map is shown as one of the northeast corners of the state.

The ranch stretches across 512 acres and co-ordinates for the ranch are 40° 15′ 29.37″ N, 109° 53′ 18.21″ W.

It is now owned by Brandon Fugal, who purchased it via a shell company named Adamantium Holdings, in 2016. Since the purchase, all roads that led to the ranch have been closed off. That means it can only be seen by the public on TV when it appears on The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch (2020)

Uintah County got its name from the indigenous Ute tribe, which presided over the area. A Skinwalker is also a legend in Native American culture. So after much paranormal activity, it’s not hard to see where the ranch got its name from.

What is The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch series about?

The Curse Of Skinwalker Ranch, otherwise known by its original title The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch, is a paranormal documentary series that explores occurrences at a cattle ranch, based in Utah, USA.

The series was launched in 2020 and was renewed for season 2, which premiered in May 2021. Season 2 will conclude this month with episode 8, which will release on 29 June.

Has The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch season 3 been renewed or cancelled?

At the time of writing, season 3 of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch has yet to be renewed. But it hasn’t been cancelled either. Should the series be renewed, we don’t expect an announcement until July as season 2 is currently airing.

However, we don’t expect the series will return –for two reasons.

Our first reason is there isn’t much direction they can take the narrative in. As it stands, Screen Rant has said the narrative for season 3 would be determined by what happened in season 2.

The team are “conducting tests near a potential wormhole. They’ve also identified a strange presence in thermal experiments”.

Our second reason for its expected cancellation is poor reviews. The series currently sits at 6.0/10 on IMDB. While that isn’t the worst rating in the world for a series, it could be enough to see the show tanked.

Please note: Season 3 has not been cancelled or renewed at this time. Therefore, our hypothesis there will be no season 3 is just that – a hypothesis. Regular viewers will hope they get to see many more goings on at the ranch!

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