Where is Joy Reid this week? MSNBC host shares exciting news

Amber Peake August 19, 2022
Where is Joy Reid this week? MSNBC host shares exciting news
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid has been away from her anchor role, sparking curiosity over where she is.

The political analyst is well-known for her weeknight show The ReidOut but has been absent for the past week with guest hosts standing in.

Her absence has led some viewers to wonder where she has been this week, even sharing their concerns on social media.

We take a look at what the host has been up to.

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Tiffany Cross fills in on MSNBC’s The ReidOut

MSNBC regular viewers will have noticed Joy Reid has been away from her on-screen duties on weeknight show The ReidOut.

As per posts on the show’s official Twitter account, Reid has been away from her desk since the start of last week (August 9).

Last week, MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson stepped into Reid’s shoes, while this week fellow MSNBC news personality Tiffany Cross guest hosted.

While some ReidOut fans have welcomed seeing Cross on their screens, others have shared concern as they wonder why Reid has been away. 

Where is Joy Reid this week?

As explained on Twitter in posts throughout the week by The ReidOut page, the MSNBC host is on vacation.

The MSNBC political journalist and analyst updated fans on what she had been up to on her vacation in a post to her Instagram last week. 

In the post to her 503,000 followers, she revealed she is in France at a Paris writing retreat. 

While sharing a collection of snaps from her trip so far, she wrote: “Paris writing retreat, take one.” She added: “Bon chance a moi,” which translates to “good luck to me.”

Reid shared the post on Tuesday, August 9 but has yet to update her followers on how the retreat is going or when she will be back hosting.

One fan wrote: “Glad you’re having a good time but [there] is so much going on news-wise, we need you back to talk about it.”

Another echoed: “Will miss seeing you on-air while you’re away but wow… enjoy every minute. Happy writing.”

The ReidOut launched in 2020

Reid’s weeknight political show launched in July 2020 so has just celebrated two years on air.

The ReidOut took over the time slot of MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews’ show after he announced he was retiring. 

The ReidOut sees the political analyst go one on one with figures across the political sphere and media. It airs weeknights from 7pm.

Reid hosted weekend political MSNBC talk show AM Joy, which ended in December 2020 after Reid transitioned into hosting her weeknight series.

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