Where is Jen Carfagno? Viewers miss The Weather Channel meteorologist

Amber Peake June 8, 2021


Where is Jen Carfagno? The Weather Channel viewers have missed the meteorologist as she is absent from their screens. Now many are curious to know where the presenter is.

Where is Jen Carfagno?

The Weather Channel viewers have wondered where meteorologist and host Jen Carfagno has been during the past few days as she has been absent from their screens.

It seems the weather host has been enjoying the sun, having shared some summer snaps with her 52,700 followers on Instagram during the past week.

In her most recent post, which sees her reading on the beach, Jen began: “Sharing my beach reads this year. What are you reading?! Always looking for suggestions.”

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In comments to the post, one user asked when Jen would return to her role on The Weather Channel.


In response, Carfagno wrote: “Working behind the scenes this week on a new project coming soon!”

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When did the meteorologist join The Weather Channel?

Jen Carfagno joined The Weather Channel through an internship while she was studying meteorology at Pennsylvania State University.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, she went on to become a full-time meteorologist for the channel.

Over the years Carfagno has become a well-known face and now hosts America’s Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel network.

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Jen Carfagno’s salary explored

Having been part of The Weather Channel for more than two decades, many are curious to know more about Jen Carfagno and how much she earns on the show.

The exact amount Carfagno earns has yet to be revealed, although some sites have estimated the presenter to earn about $100,000 a year.

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