Erin Coleman is best known to Philadelphia viewers as a weekday morning anchor for NBC10. While she is a familiar face to many, some have wondered where Erin Coleman is as she has been absent from her morning shows.

Where is NBC10’s Erin Coleman?

Erin Coleman was seen to take a break from her role on screen last month as she announced she was in “vacation mode” on Instagram. At the time, the morning anchor wrote to her 5,813 followers: “Sun. Sand. Beach. Braids. Relax. #vacationmode.”

Coleman continued to share snaps from her holiday to her Instagram, although as the anchor was not seen to return to her role on-screen, some began to wonder where she was.

Earlier this week, Coleman updated NBC10 viewers of her whereabouts as she revealed she had been absent because she had undergone surgery.

Survive the Game | Official Trailer

Survive the Game | Official Trailer

What happened to Erin Coleman?

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Erin Coleman addressed her absence from NBC10 as she announced she had surgery on her hip.

While sharing a snap in her hospital bed, she wrote: “I had hip surgery. I know, you’re thinking she’s too young for hip surgery. That’s what I thought! I’ll fill you in on details later but bottom line, I’m doing well. Surgery was a success.”

Coleman went on to talk of how she hopes to return to NBC10 “soon“. She added: “Going under the knife, under full anesthesia is nothing to take lightly. But your girl is good! I’ll be back on the air soon.”

Anchor’s career explored

Erin Coleman has worked in television for almost two decades, having started her career with KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 2002.

Over the years, she has worked as part of many different stations and channels, including WFMY, WRAL and WSB-TV.

Coleman has since become known to many as an anchor and reporter on NBC10, a station she has been a part of for five years, having first joined in 2016.

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