When is Margaret Brennan’s baby due? When is she expecting?

Bruno Cooke April 5, 2021
Photo by Adam Verdugo/CBS via Getty Images

Face the Nation journalist Margaret Brennan (CBS) announced in late December last year that she was expecting another baby boy “to join us this spring”. Spring has sprung, and still no one has heard anything. When is Margaret Brennan’s baby due, and how many children does she have?

When is Margaret Brennan’s baby due?

CBS journalist and Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan announced her pregnancy publicly on 23 December, 2020.

She wrote that, although the celebrations will be “muted due to the pandemic”, she and her family were ”joyful that our little one is a sign of hope that the year ahead may be a bit brighter”.

The post has continued to pull in congratulatory comments since December, with the most recent comments appearing in the last week.

When is the baby due?

According to a recent Instagram post, Margaret Brennan is currently 36 weeks along.

Given that pregnancies typically last for 40 weeks, Margaret Brennan’s second baby boy should be due at the end of April, or in early May.

Photo by Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

She posted photo evidence of her covid-19 jab a week ago, thanking “all the scientists, volunteers, researchers”, and so on, for all their hard work – “and all the pregnant women who have gotten the shot before me”.

Brennan described it as a “big day for me & Baby Boy #2”, and said that she got the shot at 35 weeks.

Margaret Brennan children

Brennan has one other child, a boy named Eamon. 

She married her husband, Jordanian-American attorney Yado Yakub, in 2015. 

Eamon was born on 11 September, 2018.