What was George Jones and Tammy Wynette's age difference?

Eve Edwards December 5, 2022
What was George Jones and Tammy Wynette's age difference?


As George & Tammy premieres on Showtime this month, you might be curious to know about the age difference between former partners Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

The brand new series, starring Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon in the titular roles, explores the turbulent relationship between the power couple of country music. Tammy Wynette and George Jones met in 1968, wed a year later, but split up in 1975. That didn’t stop them from continuing to write and record together for decades to come.

But if you were wondering how old they were when they first got together, here’s what you need to know about Tammy and George’s age gap.

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Tammy Wynette was 26 years old when she met George Jones

When rising country star Tammy Wynette met George Jones in 1968, she was just 26 years old. They first met at a Nashville recording studio, while Wynette was still married to her second husband, Don Chapel.

Wynette first wed at the age of 18, tying the knot with her first husband, Euple Byrd, in 1960. They split six years later. Then, in 1967, in her mid-twenties, Wynette married Chapel. They were wed for just a year before Wynette fell for George Jones.

Tammy Wynette and George Jones wed in February 1969 and were married for six years. Wynette first filed for divorce in 1973 but the couple patched things up. She filed for divorce a second time in 1975. “It’s over. This is it,” Wynette said as per PEOPLE’s report from that year. Wynette was around 32 years old when she split from Jones.

What was Tammy and George’s age gap?

Tammy Wynette and George Jones had an age gap of 11 years, with Jones being Wynette’s senior.

Jones was born on September 12, 1931 in Saratoga, Texas. Wynette, on the other hand, was born on May 5, 1942 in Itawamba County, Mississippi.

Wynette tragically passed away at the age of 55 as a result of a blood clot to the lungs. She passed on April 6, 1998. Jones would survive Wynette by 15 years. He passed away on April 26, 2013 at the age of 81 of hypoxic respiratory failure.

George & Tammy actors are older in age than real-life counterparts

Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain takes on the role of Tammy Wynette in the Showtime series, whereas Michael Shannon stars as George Jones.

George & Tammy charts their love story throughout the late sixties, seventies, and the years in which their relationship turned from romantic to professional. In these years, Tammy Wynette was in her twenties and thirties. George Jones was in his late thirties and forties.

Jessica Chastain, born March 24, 1977, is currently 45 years old. Michael Shannon is a few years older, at 48 years old. Shannon was born on August 7, 1974. So, while Shannon is not too dissimilar in age from George Jones, Jessica Chastain is much older than the real-life counterpart she plays in the series.

Watch George & Tammy this December

The six-part limited series, George & Tammy, premiered on Sunday, December 4. The series is based on The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George by Georgette Jones, the couple’s only child together.

George & Tammy airs 9pm ET/PT Sunday nights on Showtime and the Paramount Network.

If you don’t have cable, you can add Showtime to Hulu or Amazon Prime and stream via those platforms.

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