What name did Jamie Dutton see on Yellowstone?

Darcy Rafter November 23, 2021

With each new Yellowstone episode comes a new hint at who tried to kill the Dutton family at the end of season 3. Season 4 episode 4 saw Jamie discover a name – but whose name did he see?

In episode 4, entitled Winning Or Learning, Jamie may have discovered the person behind the attempted assassination – but what does he do with this information?

Be warned, spoiler alerts from this point on.

Let’s find out more about the name Jamie Dutton saw. Could it be a clue to the person behind the attempted killing?

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Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

What name did Jamie Dutton see on Yellowstone?

Jamie receives a file from the Bureau of Prisons and, as he scrolls through the names on the list, he pauses at his birth father’s name. The name Jamie Dutton sees on Yellowstone is “Garrett Randall”.

Jamie becomes visibly distraught after recognising his father’s name on the prison records, particularly after the pair had improved their relationship recently. He clearly had no idea his father had been in jail.

When he saw his father’s name, it appears Jamie immediately thought Garrett could be linked to the assassination attempts in some way. Will Jamie keep this information to himself – or will he confront the truth?

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Who tried to kill the Dutton family?

Kayce asks Jamie who ordered the assassinations, particularly as Beth had previously accused her brother of ordering them. He denied all knowledge so Kayce asks Jamie to find out who really did it.

Jamie is set the challenge of interviewing the man in prison supposedly hired to kill the family. But will he proceed with his mission if Garrett has something to do with it? Perhaps he’ll have to choose between his dads once and for all?

We’ll find out in next week’s episode, which marks the halfway point in the series. Yellowstone season 4, episode 5, entitled Under A Red Blanket, will air on Sunday, 28 November at 8pm ET and 7pm CT.

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