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What is wrong with Willow on General Hospital? Fan theories abound

Bruno Cooke June 29, 2022
What is wrong with Willow on General Hospital? Fan theories abound


Willow Tait’s appearance in the most recent episodes of General Hospital has sparked a degree of concern among fans of the show – what’s wrong with her? Is she sick? How is this all going to play out?

One Twitter user even went so far as to ask fellow GH audience members if they’d noticed her “looking like Beetlejuice”.

Willow has been played by Katelyn MacMullen since the character’s debut on 18 October 2018, but recent developments suggest something has happened to her – which, in turn, has led to speculation about whether or not she’s leaving General Hospital.

What do we know?

Source: YouTube [General Hospital]

What is wrong with Willow on General Hospital?

Willow Tait has an interesting, if harrowing, origin story. Her mother Nina considers her and her sister Nelle to be somehow miraculous.

This is because she gave birth to them during her 23-year coma, and she hasn’t been able to conceive any more children ever since. They were born via C-section.

Willow hasn’t had the smoothest ride, of all General Hospital’s characters. While still in her mother’s uterus, she was exposed to opioids when her maternal grandmother Madeline Reeves gave Nina antidepressants during her pregnancy.

And she has experienced more than her fair share of trauma in her relatively short life.

What happened during Willow’s backstory on General Hospital that could have led to illness now?

Illegally adopted shortly after her birth, Willow was raised by Harmony and Douglas Miller. Since then, she’s had numerous experiences that might have led to long-term trauma and potential illness. 

She joined the Dawn of Day Cult against her will; is a survivor of sexual assault and numerous instances of domestic violence; required hospitalisation after a fight with her sister Nelle; learned in February 2020 that her son Wiley was never actually hers and that her real son died; and, in December 2020, became hypothermic after jumping into freezing water with Chase during a charity event.

Source: YouTube [General Hospital]

But the extent of Willow’s illness has only revealed itself in recent weeks. On 18 March 2022’s episode of General Hospital, Willow fell unconscious, leading some to wonder if she was suffering from a serious sickness.

Then, last week, on 24 June, she fell to her knees while attempting to walk upstairs. And two days ago, on 27 June 2022, she fell unconscious again, thankfully to be caught by Sonny Corinthos.

GH Twitter’s mixed reaction to Willow’s ‘health emergency’

Some people are more sympathetic than others to Willow’s health issues. One wrote simply, “Willow needs a sandwich”, after yesterday’s events.

Others have shown genuine concern. “I’m worried about Willow”, writes one. “I hope she’s going to be okay!” Some are saying she’ll need Nina to step in and save her life, but that won’t happen until Carly “reveals the truth”.

One theory among General Hospital audiences is that Willow is pregnant. Another is that the writers of GH will “kill her off” with “some health conditions”.

The broad consensus view among fans of General Hospital is that something is going on with Willow’s health – something is wrong with her, and it will come to a head fairly shortly. Tension is rising. 

What can we glean from General Hospital ‘spoilers’ regarding Willow’s health?

Various sites purport to reveal spoilers for soaps like General Hospital, and the most recent ones have a lot to do with Willow – what will happen to her, is she likely to be leaving any time soon, and so on.

SoapHub writes that she is “always tired”, but that no one seems to notice – least of all Michael. Looking “deathly”, she almost fell into the pool yesterday, and General Hospital “spoilers” apparently say a “big surprise” is due to take place “that leads to a startling revelation”.

Disney Dreamlight Valley | Announcement Trailer

Disney Dreamlight Valley | Announcement Trailer

Meanwhile, Celebrating The Soaps notes that Willow herself has been attributing her health issues to stress and not eating properly. But she might have been “too quick to write this off”. The site suggests a “major health crisis” is afoot.

Cheatsheet speculates that Willow’s illness will force Carly to come clean. So far, neither Willow nor her biological mother Nina knows the truth about their relationship. However, the outlet says, “that’s going to change when she becomes sick”.

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