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What is thanatophol? This drug is scaring New Amsterdam fans

Ella Kipling April 28, 2022
New Amsterdam - Season 2
Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The latest episode of New Amsterdam saw five doctors face the effects of being drugged while out at a bar and, as none of them showed up for work the next day, their absence sparked serious concerns.

Fans of the show want to know more about the drug that left Helen with dangerous blood clots, and knocked out the other doctors.

Who drugged them? And what actually is thanatophol? Here’s everything we know…

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What happened at the end of season 4 episode 16?

In season 4 episode 16 of New Amsterdam, fans were left shocked after five characters failed to show up for work after a night out at a bar. Elizabeth, Casey, Floyd and Iggy are nowhere to be seen, sparking serious concern among the other doctors.

Max then realises Helen hasn’t answered her phone all day. The episode ends with Helen passed out on the floor while Max’s name appears on the phone screen next to her as he calls her frantically.

What is thanotophol?

When Helen wakes up in the hospital, she is told by Max she was spiked in a bar the night before along with Wilder, Trevor, Mia and Casey. He tells her: “We found thanatophol in your blood. It happened last night at the bar. My drink was spiked, not just yours.”

Later on in the episode the drug is labelled “a roofie on steroids”, which really worries the victims of the spiking who say: “Someone really wanted to knock us all on our a**es. Or kill us. Who would do this?”

The drug caused Helen to suffer from multiple clots in her renal, hepatic, gastric, ovarian and uterine arteries.

Who drugged the doctors?

It was revealed Helen, Casey, Wilder, Mia and Trevor were drugged by a bar owner angry about the effect the covid-19 pandemic had on his business. He claimed covid was just a bad cold and blamed medical professionals for exaggerating its effects.

Unfortunately, Helen’s condition continues to worsen and she has to undergo a risky procedure. At the end of the episode, she struggles to speak to Max. Showrunner David Schulner told TVLine that Helen “suffered a massive stroke”.

Executive producer Peter Horton teased fans he didn’t know whether Helen would “ever” get her speech back. “It might take a week, might take two years, may never happen,” he said.

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