The Hustler: What is an industrial vegan? Season 2 premiere stumps viewers

Amber Peake June 18, 2021


The Hustler viewers were left wondering what an ‘industrial vegan’ is last night (17 June) as the second season of the game show premiered on ABC. Many took to social media to share their confusion.

The Hustler season 2 premiere confuses viewers with ‘vegan’ term

The game show, hosted by Craig Ferguson, returned to our screens yesterday as season 2 of the popular series premiered on ABC.

The challenge game series hasn’t been away from our screens for long as the first season of The Hustler aired earlier this year, in January.

The first episode of the new season saw Ferguson question the meaning of ‘industrial veganism’, with many having since shared his confusion on social media.

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What is an industrial vegan?

While there isn’t an exact definition for industrial veganism, The Vegan Society defines veganism as a way of living that excludes “all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals”.

However, the industrial aspect of the term could relate to industrial farming, also known as factory farming, which the Humane League refers to as “modern industrial methods of raising farmed animals”.

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How many types of veganism are there?

Over the years veganism has evolved into many forms with some reflecting varied diets while others relate to different philosophies.

Some dietary modes of veganism see people focus on particular types of food. For example, a raw vegan diet mostly consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grain.

There are also more philosophical forms of the dietary lifestyle such as ethical and environmental veganism, which explore the impacts of vegan living on the planet.

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