What happened to Sandy on Succession and why is he wheelchair-bound?

Yasmine Leung November 15, 2021
What happened to Sandy on Succession and why is he wheelchair-bound?

Media magnate Sandy made his first appearance on Succession season 5 during episode 5, but looked a little different than last time: what happened to him?

The Waystar shareholder meeting to determine the future of the company finally arrives after weeks of anticipation.

Sandy is a key player in the conference given his entire storyline is dedicated to taking over Waystar Royco, but his condition during episode 5 may be putting him at a disadvantage.

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Limitless with Chris Hemsworth | Official Trailer | Disney+

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth | Official Trailer | Disney+

What happened to Sandy on Succession?

Sandy Furness, portrayed by Larry Pine, made his first official on-screen appearance this season, but he barely had any lines.

He made a voice appearance in episode 2 on a call with Kendall but his daughter, confusingly named Sandi (Hope Davis), has become his spokeswoman in season 5.

Wheelchair-bound and looking more feeble than previously, he is only capable of grumbling orders to her at the meeting – and she’s the only one who understands what he’s saying.

Sandy’s exact illness is unknown, although Waystar spread rumours of syphilis.

In season 2 episode 6, Sandy looked unhealthy and Tom started the rumour with: “You don’t hear much about syphilis these days – very much the MySpace of STDs.”

Fast forward to season 5, Stewy has labelled Sandy “the angriest vegetable.”

However, Gerri (J Smith-Cameron) doesn’t think its syphilis, convinced it’s purely gossip.

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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that starts with small ulcers on the genital area and a blotchy red rash on the palms.

It is mainly spread through close contact with an infected sore and, if left untreated, it can become tertiary syphilis, reaching other parts of the body such as the brain.

Strokes, vision problems and heart problems are some symptoms of tertiary syphilis.

What’s the point of Sandy’s absence?

Since Larry only just entered the season, Succession fans are concerned about the actor’s health. There’s been no news of health problems so Reddit fans have assumed his absence serves as a reflection of life.

Overall, Sandy has been a secondary character so the show hasn’t constantly updated viewers about his life. However, his deteriorating health reminds viewers the world of Succession continues even when characters are off-screen.

Affairs in conglomerates become chaotic whenever presidents or higher-ups die or positions open, so it’s a good way for more drama and conflict to ensue between the younger generations.

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