Spoilers: What happened to Roy on Chicago PD?

Amber Peake September 23, 2021


Chicago PD returned to our screens yesterday (Wednesday 22 September) as season 9 premiered. As the new season begins some have since wondered what happened to Roy on Chicago PD following the season 8 finale. We explore the character’s fate as the latest series airs.

What happened to Roy on Chicago PD?

In the season eight finale, Hank Voight and Hailey Upton come face to face with Roy, the perpetrator who was wanted for the kidnapping of officer Kim Burgess and the man behind Darrell Miller, Samantha Millier’s son’s murder.

In the scene, Voight and Roy were initially seen to be alone as Voight cuffed him and started beating him. He later releases Roy as Upton appears, with Roy then seen reaching for Voight’s gun.

Before he can grab it, Upton fires a shot at Roy, leaving him dead. Following Roy’s death, Voight ordered Upton to go home as he buried his body.

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Will Voight and Upton face consequences for Roy’s death this season?

As season nine premiered earlier this week, it is not fully known how the death of Roy will impact Hank Voight and Hailey Upton in the latest series. However, the executive producer for the show previously revealed “consequences could fall down hard on them both“.

In the first episode, Hailey Upton was seen to have an awkward moment regarding Roy’s fate as a recovering Kim Burgess asked if she had found the perpetrator behind her attack, to which she lied about saying he’d got away.

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What happened to Kim Burgess?

The Chicago PD season 8 finale also saw Kim Burgess shot twice by Roy having been kidnapped during an undercover case.

She was later rescued and rushed to hospital, which is where audiences are introduced to her at the start of season 9. By the end of the first episode, Burgess’ condition is seen to have improved, although it is not yet clear how long she will be in recovery.

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