What happened to baby Louie on Chicago Fire and where is he now?

Darcy Rafter October 13, 2021

Chicago Fire fans want to know what happened to baby Louie and are wondering where he is now as Matthew Casey and Gabby were going to foster him at one point.

A spanner is thrown in the fostering works when Matthew Casey, aka Jesse Spencer, gets a surprise visit from Griffin Darden and his brother Ben.

As the boys’ mother Heather has previously made things tricky for Casey to see the boys, now could be his chance to finally foster them.

What happened to baby Louie on Chicago Fire

Louie Thompson is the ex-foster child of Gabriela Dawson and Matthew Casey. The baby is taken back by his father Andre Keyes.

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Louie had been a foster child when Gabby saved him from a fire and they instantly bonded. Gabby had to persuade Louie he was safe to leave his hiding place. They instantly felt as though they could trust each other.

When the woman who had fostered Louie wasn’t able to keep him, he went back into a foster home. Gabby never forgets Louie and continues to visit him. She is desperate to foster Louie and even moves out of her apartment with Sylvie Brett.

Where is he now?

Gabby and Matthew Casey finally foster Louie and get married in the hopes of winning over adoption agencies. However, not long after the process starts things seem to come crumbling down.

Louie is now with his father, Andre, who reappears and fights for custody of his little boy. Gabby finally gives in as she can’t deal with separating Louie from his real family.

Is Casey going to foster again?

In season 5, Casey tries to foster Louie with Gabby Dawson. However, when he’s taken back by his biological father, Casey’s relationship with Gabby ends soon after.

It now seems Casey could foster Griffin and Ben. After the brothers’ surprise exit in Chicago Fire season 3, we never thought we’d see Griffin and Ben again. However, the boys come back into Casey’s life and fostering could be back on the cards.

Who plays baby Louie in Chicago Fire?

Austin Cohen and his twin Aiden played baby Louie in Chicago Fire. At the time of their first appearance, the twins were only three years old.

Born on 13 May 2013 in Redford, Michigan, Baby Louie has grown up a lot as the twins are now eight years old!

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