What happened to Judge Jeanine's hand? Host is back after surgery

Amber Peake November 4, 2022
What happened to Judge Jeanine's hand? Host is back after surgery
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The Five viewers are curious to know what happened to Judge Jeanine’s hand as the co-host was seen wearing a cast on the talk show.

Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared to be absent from her hosting duties earlier this week but returned on-screen on Thursday (November 3).

Following her comeback, some viewers are curious to know what happened to The Five co-host’s arm and why she is wearing a cast on her right hand. Let’s take a look…

Mind Your Manners | Official Trailer | Netflix

Mind Your Manners | Official Trailer | Netflix

What happened to Judge Jeanine’s hand?

Those tuning into The Five on Wednesday may have spotted that Judge Jeanine Pirro was sporting a cast on her right hand throughout the show.

Pirro’s cast wearing came as she had been absent from her regular hosting duties for a couple of days over the end of last week and earlier this week. 

Her last feature before her return to the weekday talk show today appeared to be last Thursday (October 27).

Upon her comeback to The Five panel, Pirro addressed concerns about her hand at the start of the show as she explained that she had undergone hand surgery. 

The Five co-host addresses surgery on air

As her The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld welcomed her back to the show, Judge Jeanine held her right arm up to show off her cast as he dubbed her the “true cast member of The Five.”

While reacting to her cast, Gutfeld continued: “Look at that, huh, had a little surgery.” Pirro confirmed that was the reason for her absence as she reflected on spending time at home.

She remarked: “Yep. I’m thrilled to be back, though. I don’t like staying home and watching television and eating candy.”

Pirro went on to share the moment across her Twitter and Instagram, with some of her fans have since taken to the comments to send their well wishes.

One wrote: “Recover quickly. You’re the best. Your comments are spot on.” Another added: “Thank you for telling the truth Judge. I hope you will get well soon.”

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Judge Jeanine joined The Five as co-host earlier this year 

The former New York State judge announced she would be joining the weekday opinion show in January.

The TV host was already a familiar face to FOX News viewers as she helmed her own weekend series, Justice, with Judge Jeanine, which launched in 2011.

While sharing her plans to move to The Five after 11 years of hosting her own weekend show, Judge Jeanine revealed she was “happy” to make the switch as she hoped her viewers would continue to watch her in her weekday role.

Since joining, she has become known alongside fellow The Five co-hosts Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Jesse Watters.

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