What happened to Charles on 911 Lone Star? Next episode's trailer gives clues

Jane Corscadden May 11, 2021
What happened to Charles on 911 Lone Star? Next episode's trailer gives clues
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What happened to Charles on 911 Lone Star? Last night’s episode ended with Tommy returning home to find her husband, Charles, unresponsive and bleeding from his eye.

So, do we know what happened to him, or what may happen in the next episode?

Beware: spoilers ahead!

Who plays Charles Vega?

The actor who plays Charles Vega on 911 Lone Star is Derek Webster. He’s from Bakersfield, California, and graduated from California Institute Of The Arts in 1993.

Webster is known for playing Raymond Isler in NCIS: New Orleans from 2016-2019. As well as this, he played Hank in TV series In The Dark and is set to play Stevie in new series, Mayor Of Kingston, which is currently in pre-production.

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Photo by FOX via Getty Images

In October 2020, it was announced that Derek Webster had been cast in a series-long recurring role to play Charles Vega on 911 Lone Star. For those who don’t know, Charles is a restaurateur whose business is impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. He becomes a stay-at-home dad while his essential worker wife, paramedic captain Tommy Vega, continues to work.

What happened to Charles on 911 Lone Star?

But what happened to Charles on last night’s episode of 911 Lone Star? Well, the episode ended with a tragic twist.

The final moments show Tommy returning home to find her husband Charles unresponsive and bleeding from the eye. But do we know what happened?

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The episode provides no details as to what may have happened to Charles or whether he’s still alive. However, fans of the show on Twitter have been trying to guess. One fan suggested Charles may have had a brain aneurysm or an absence seizure – pointing out that the bloodshot or “bleeding” eyes may be a clue.

However, in the trailer for next week’s episode, we get somewhat of an insight into what happens with Charles on 911 Lone Star.

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The trailer kicks off with Tommy giving Charles CPR while calling an ambulance. Charles appears to make it to the hospital; however, it seems like trouble is imminent as an apparent shooter gets into the ICU.

So, we don’t know for sure what happens to Charles, but it appears he does make it to hospital. We’ll just have to wait for the next episode!

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