What happened to Callen's sister as NCIS LA reveals his back story?

Molly Young October 11, 2021
What happened to Callen's sister as NCIS LA reveals his back story?
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Following the series 13 premiere of NCIS LA, shocked fans are eager to find out what happened to Callen’s sister after all-new episodes reveal his back story surrounding a mysterious sister. Get to know the characters as we explore the surprising story line and more.

Grisha Callen’s character explored

Fictional character Grisha Callen stars in CBS crime drama series NCIS: Los Angeles as a special agent in charge, as well as the senior agent assigned to the Office Of Special Projects.

Portrayed by 51-year-old former model and American actor Chris O’Donnell, Callen is partnered with former Navy SEAL Sam Hanna on the US show.

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NCIS | Season 19 Promo Trailer

NCIS | Season 19 Promo Trailer

Also known by and referred to as ‘G’, Callen’s character has previously had a lot of questions regarding his past and it wasn’t until season 7 that Callen learnt his original birth name – Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev.

However, the series 13 premiere unlocks further pieces of his background, including mysterious family members.

New NCIS reveals his back story

Series 13 of NCIS: LA contains links to previous flashbacks in which Callen is forced to recall he once had an older sister.

The first episode of the new NCIS season shows Callen finding operations manager Hetty burning files regarding foster children who were put through profiling experiments and had cognitive tests ran on them.

Callen suspects Hetty is keeping secrets about his past and later discovers his own file, Subject 17, realising he could have been one of the children experimented on.

Episode 1 ends as he is reading his file over a flashback of his younger self watching something on a projector.

What happened to his sister?

In the previous series’ flashbacks, Callen realises his older sister drowned in a river.

His sister was then buried under the name Hannah Lawson, although the actual Hannah lived with the assumed name of her dead foster friend, Amy Callen.

Amy Callen’s character was portrayed by Lily O’Donnell, actor Chris O’Donnell’s real-life daughter, while her brother Charlie O’Donnell portrayed a younger version of their father’s character in flashbacks.

Lily O’Donnell, born Lily Anne O’Donnell, is an American actress now aged 22.

On Instagram, @chrisodonnell has uploaded content featuring his daughter, including birthday posts.

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Despite having a privatised account, Lily O’Donnell can also be found on an Instagram page followed by her father under the username @lod993.

In 2010, fans shockingly reacted to the reveal of Callen’s sister on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Now following the recent season’s premiere, supporters are still shocked about Callen’s mysterious past.

Continue to follow the story of Amy Callen in all-new NCIS: LA on CBS.

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