What happened to Stinchfield on Newsmax last night? Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show didn’t air as usual last night, 16 February, leaving fans curious and disappointed.

What happened to Stinchfield on Newsmax?

Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show, Stinchfield, didn’t air as usual last night, 16 February. 

Instead, audiences only got to see the first ten minutes. Then, “his image froze” and, after a momentary glitch, audiences were treated to “some type of documentary”. After a break, however, Stinchfield returned.

Grant Stinchfield has himself addressed the technical issue, putting to bed theories that it had something to do with the crazy weather Texas is currently experiencing. He wrote on Twitter yesterday evening, “So we took a network fiber hit in NY. It knocked us off the air and it had nothing to do with bad weather here in Dallas.”

Theories of big tech conspiracies immediately swirled in the Twittersphere. 

Twitter user Betty Fanning fanned the flames of conspiracy, saying, “That was very suspicious.”

Meanwhile, another user questioned whether it was a technical issue – “or big tech?”

Stinchfield Newsmax bio

Grant Stinchfield is a drive-time conservative talk-show host. Based in Dallas, Texas, Stinchfield unsuccessfully ran to unseat incumbent Kenny Marchant in the Republican primary in Texas’ 24th District, in May 2012.


One of his key campaign themes was national security. It was his claim that the main responsibility of federal government is to provide a strong national defence. 

“It is imperative that we maintain the most proficient and capable fighting force in the world.”

what happened to stinchfield on newsmax
LinkedIn: Grant Stinchfield

He was also pro-immigration, describing America as a “proud nation of immigrants”.

Previously, Stinchfield spent two decades as an investigative reporter for NBC in Dallas, Texas and New York.

The “long time radio guy” and self-described Defender of Liberty believes that “socialist forces are digging in”. A vocal advocate for the right to bear arms, Stinchfield sells merchandise to his followers with the words “STINCHFIELD ARMY” in stencilled typeface.

Socialist forces are digging in. Show your support for freedom. #StinchfieldArmy merchandise is a great way to do it. https://www.wethepeople.store/pages/stinchfields-army

Posted by Grant Stinchfield on Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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