Filipino-American newscaster and meteorologist Elita Loresca has not tweeted since 15 January. What happened to Elita Loresca?

What happened to Elita Loresca?

Elita Loresca usually posts daily to her Twitter feed, or at least almost daily. However, her last post was on 15 January, when she gave a bitesize weather forecast for Houston, Texas.

Similarly, she regularly uploads images and videos to her Instagram followers, but her most recent upload was on 15 January.

On her latest Facebook post, also dated 15 January, followers started commenting again in the last few days. 

Comments such as “We miss you Elita! I hope your (sic) are well!” and “We miss seeing you on tv” show that her fans have noticed her absence from television, and from social media too.

Did Elita Loresca get covid-19?

Other comments suggested that the reason for her absence is because of exposure to the coronavirus.


Six days ago, user and “Top fan” Craig Roberts wrote, “Man is (sic) she been exposed to covid-19? Why she not on the tv?”

He later replied, “man I think maybe they were exposed and are quarantined. I hope that’s all it is. Katherine Whaley was there then she disappeared too.”

Windy and cooler today. Winds gusting to near 35 mph this afternoon. We lose the wind tomorrow, but we're in for a…

Posted by ABC13-Elita Loresca on Friday, January 15, 2021

Loresca’s Twitter followers are wondering the same thing.

This isn’t the first time Loresca has temporarily disappeared from her Houston television screens. But that didn’t last for long.

Even if the weather doesn’t let up, weather reporters need to take breaks sometimes.

Whatever is the reason, we hope to see Elita Loresca back on ABC13 in the coming days or weeks.

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