What did Tracy do to Alexis on General Hospital to get arrested?

Darcy Rafter January 7, 2022
What did Tracy do to Alexis on General Hospital to get arrested?
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Soap opera lovers and curious to know what Tracy did to Alexis on General Hospital in order to get arrested. The latest episode saw Tracy Quartermaine get put in cuffs, so let’s recap on what she did to deserve this punishment.

Not many people dare get caught up in the wrath of Tracy Quartermaine aka Jane Elliot, but she has always found a way to hold the power in Port Charles, although not for much longer.

In only three episodes, Quartermaine has somehow turned Port Charles upside down. Her return also meant she delivered the heartbreaking news about Luke and unveiled Bailey and Louise’s scam.

However, it seems the misfortune has crept back onto her as she is now at odds with the law, facing the true consequences of her chaos.

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What did Tracy do to Alexis on General Hospital

Tracy framed Alexis for “drunk driving” she drove a drunk Alexis home, then stopped and moved her behind the steering wheel after driving her car into a ditch. She then called 911 on Alexis and the police arrived. Detective Harrison Chase believed Tracy’s story and arrested Alexis, charging her with a DUI. Tracy did this when Alexis was grieving both Neil and Julian’s deaths, in hopes of trying to keep Olivia from finding out that Ned slept with Alexis.

Olivia was trying to help Alexis with her addiction whilst Tracy was trying to keep Ned’s marriage from falling to pieces. Tracy felt Alexis might end up telling Olivia the truth as the two were growing close, so she wanted Alexis to be out of the picture for a while.

This all happened in the episode when Tracy made a job offer to Alexis which involved her moving to Amsterdam. When Alexis turned it down, Tracy had to come up with another way to remove Alexis from the tense situation. Therefore, she said she would drive her home, on the drive, Alexis admitted that she wanted Ned to tell the truth about the affair.

Undoubtedly tipping Tracy over the edge, so when Alexis fell asleep in the passenger seat, Tracy decided to frame her for driving under the influence. This means that when Tracy left town, she was actually on the run trying to avoid facing charges.

Tracy Quartermaine gets arrested

The latest episode was rather eventful, Alexis and Tracy are sniping at each other throughout, with Alexis explaining that she is about to write an article on privilege and the abuse of power.

Tracy made a joke about living with Monica before grunting “You want me to go to prison?” Tracy then says that Alexis is a failed lawyer and has slept her way to the top. Ned removes his mum from the situation, reminding her that she is wanted by the police. Sam tells Alexis that Tracy needs to pay for what she did, and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Sam called Dante Falconer asking if he can come to the Metro Court to make an arrest. When Sam called her new lover he dropped everything he was doing to put some handcuffs on his step-mother-in-law. The timing was perfect as Tracy was just about to tell Ned about Bailey when Dante arrests her.

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