24-year-old Viktoriya Agalakova is impressing fans as Polina in Netflix hit To the Lake, which explores the thrilling story of a virus (not the C word in this case) which turns Moscow into a no man’s land. The name of the game – and the premise of the show – is survival.

But fans have some questions about Saint Petersburg-born Agalakova, like ‘where on earth do I recognise her face from?’

What other roles has Viktoriya Agalakova played?

Although To the Lake might be her most recognisable role, she’s actually been in quite a few hit film and TV projects you might have heard of – the majority of which are Russian-born but filmed in English.

Agalakova starred as Nastya in 2017’s The Bride, where she plays a newlywed who discovers some dark secrets about her husband’s family, relating to the spooky 19th century tradition of photographing dead family members.


Following the horror theme throughout her career, Viktoriya also stars as main character Marina in 2018’s Mermaid: The Lake of the Dead, which tells the story of Marina and her boyfriend’s fight against a killer mermaid.

Most recently however, Agalakova played Natasha in Russian Film Vratar Galaktiki just this year: a sci-fi about a space sport called cosmoball.

Did you know…

To the Lake is actually based on the 2011 book Vongozero by Yana Vagner.

Viktoriya Agalakova Instagram

Viktoriya is active on Instagram under the handle @agalakovavika, where she posts about her day to day life, trips and acting projects.

With only 14k followers, though, rising actress Viktoriya Agalakova might just be Russia’s best kept secret – and they’ve got a lot of them!

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