Who is Victor Chaos in South Park’s Post Covid special? Theories abound

Bruno Cooke November 25, 2021


The first part of South Park: Post Covid just premiered on Paramount’s streaming platform – part two will arrive on a mystery date in December. Many found Butters’ absence conspicuous, especially when introduced to Victor Chaos during the episode’s final moments. Who is Victor Chaos in South Park: Post Covid?

Who is the mysterious Victor Chaos in part 1 of South Park’s Post Covid special?

Just hours after it premiered on Paramount+, the first part of South Park’s Post Covid special has got fans parsing it for details that might contain clues as to who Victor Chaos might be.

His name, for one, is an indicator. He shares it with Professor Chaos, the super villain alter-ego of Butters Stotch in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

Professor Chaos wears a tinfoil mask – Butters’ distinctive blond hair protrudes from beneath it. His namesake episode aired on April 10, 2002. It was episode 6 of season 6, or the 85th episode overall. This may seem like an extraneous detail but it’s not.

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But a shared surname isn’t proof that Victor Chaos is the same person as Professor Chaos, i.e. Butters.

South Park fans take a closer look at Victor Chaos’ cell number

In a Reddit post on the final scene of Post Covid, the OP assumes Victor Chaos is Butters partly “because he wasn’t featured in the special”. But that’s not all.

Victor Chaos is a patient in a psychiatric hospital. A doctor brings him his dinner, delivering it to cell number 41002-66. 

As one observant viewer has noted, 41002-66 corresponds to the date the episode Professor Chaos first aired. 4/10/02 = 10 April, 2002; 66 = season 6 episode 6. 

Victor Chaos is therefore “110% Butters”, according to one commenter.

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Black Friday | Official Trailer

Black Friday | Official Trailer

What do we know about South Park Post Covid part 2’s release date?

Part 1 premiered on November 25. While Paramount hasn’t yet confirmed when part 2 will become available to watch, there are those that think it will be on Christmas Day.

Per one commenter, it “seems to line up perfectly”, since part 1 came out on the 25th.

Also, next year marks South Park’s 25th anniversary – so 25 may be an auspicious number going forward into the new year.

Separate to all the speculation about who Victor Chaos is, fans of the show have reacted well to the first part of South Park’s Post Covid special.

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Although, Cartman’s newfound Jewishness seems to have baffled some people.

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