It was Vic The Veep all along: The Boys season 2 finale's Victoria Neuman twist

Kate Fowler October 9, 2020
It was Vic The Veep all along: The Boys season 2 finale's Victoria Neuman twist
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As the season 2 finale of The Boys revealed the biggest plot twist so far involving character Victoria Neuman, fans want to know more about Vic The Veep and the character’s comic book origins.

For hardcore fans of The Boys – the show and comic books – the fact Victoria Neuman is based on Vic The Veep will come as no surprise. For those who don’t know, however, Vic The Veep is the comic book male version of Neuman.

In the comics, Vic is a dim-witted, sex-obsessed, uber-conservative character who is owned and manipulated by Vought to become President. Vic The Veep was apparently intended by the comic book’s creators as a parody of George Bush.

The Boys season 2 finale plot twist

In the finale, it’s revealed that congresswoman Victoria Neuman, who led the crusade against Vought, is a Supe herself. Even more, she is in fact the very person who has been exploding heads throughout the season.

Throughout the series Victoria Neuman has been actively against Vought and was ruled out by viewers as the assassin after a head-exploding massacre happened at her rally. However, we now know this was likely just her trying to build an alibi.

Towards the end of The Boys season 2 episode 8, after finishing a phone call with the leader of the Church of the Collective, Neuman explodes his head and reveals she is also a Supe. This left fans shook, to say the least.

Fan theories about Vic The Veep and Victoria Neuman

She’s based on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

One of the major fan theories surrounding Vic The Veep & Victoria Neuman is she’s a parody of congresswoman AOC. Until the last episode she is presented as a community-centred, ‘for the people’-style politician, which some feel resonates with the character of the real life Bronx congresswoman.

One eagle-eyed Reddit user even pointed out the similarities in rally signs: “The people that were protesting also had signs that said ‘send her back’, which is what was chanted at a Donald Trump rally about AOC.”

She’s a double agent working for Vought

Although throughout the whole show Neuman has been overtly anti-Vought and it’s still not clear whether or not she is using her powers for good or bad, fans are speculating she could be a double agent.

In the comics, Vic The Veep not only works for Vought but he’s the CEO, leading fans to believe that in a comic book-inspired move, Victoria Neuman might work for Vought too.

She will destroy all the Vought evidence

Following on from the idea she’s working for Vought, another Reddit user (who suspiciously predicted Neuman was the head-exploder) pointed out that by passing off as a prosecutor she managed to get Mallory and The Boys to hand over all evidence against them. They predict she will now destroy the evidence instead.

The massacre was a tool to benefit Vought

Furthering these theories, the same Reddit user suggested a faux massacre would benefit Vought. Throughout the series the company has been trying to convince congress to allow more Supes by convincing them Supe terrorists are a problem only Vought can fix. Thus, a Supe terrorist attack, on a full courthouse no less, only serves to enforce the point.

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