Remembering Vanessa Bell Calloway's iconic role in All My Children

Darcy Rafter January 13, 2022
Remembering Vanessa Bell Calloway’s iconic role in All My Children
Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation

As Vanessa Bell Calloway joins the cast of This Is Us, fans are reminiscing about her iconic role in legendary soap All My Children. Let’s look at how much Calloway has achieved since her start as a child actor.

This Is Us recently posed two mysteries via flash-forward scenes – who was in the white car pulling up to Kevin’s house and who is the future wife of Nicky?

Well, the wait is over. Sally is married and, although she is unhappy, she does have a man in her life. The NBC show has finally revealed who Nicky’s future wife is and it’s a new character, Edie. Playing the role is Vanessa Bell Calloway and soap lovers might recognise her from somewhere…

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Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation

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Vanessa Bell Calloway’s iconic role in All My Children

Vanessa Bell Calloway began her acting career in ABC daytime soap All My Children in 1985, playing Yvonne Caldwell.

The AMC actor told the LA Times she became well-known for breaking up a power couple on the show and the plot line helped her career. She said: “I broke up a very famous couple, Jesse and Angie. I came in and messed up their lives. I was on that soap twice. I did it and then came to Los Angeles for a year and a half. Then they asked me back because our storyline was so popular.”

After moving to LA in 1986, her TV career rocketed and she was cast on prime time series such as The Colbys, Falcon Crest, 227, China Beach, A Different World, LA Law and Equal Justice. She made her film debut in Number One With A Bullet 

Vanessa Bell Calloway was born on 20 March 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio. She married Tony Calloway on 3 September 1988 and they have two children – Ashley and Alexandra.

Vanessa Bell Calloway is also known for her roles in the Coming To America movie franchise and Showtime’s Shameless.

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This Is Us casts Vanessa Bell Calloway

In This Is Us, she plays Edie. She is introduced in episode 2 of the final season and is a crucial part of the storyline.

We meet Calloway’s character in the episode entitled One Giant Leap, in which she plays a flight attendant Nicky gets into an altercation with.

She also happens to be the person in the white car, who remained a mystery to fans as all they heard was Randall saying “look who’s here” as Nicky and a woman arrived. Think you’ve got de ja vu? Well, that’s because you’ve seen this scene before. The difference in this one is we finally get to see the woman and it turns out to be Edie. Edie and Nicky are kissing and it then switches to him sitting with Rebecca.

Series creator Dan Fogelman explained there were different potential storylines for Nicky, one saw him with Sally and the other brought new character Edie.

Fogelman told Deadline: “To us, it felt much more exciting to have (Nicky) go on a journey that doesn’t just have a clean, perfect ending. That, oh, the girl’s magically available after 50 years and they still have the same feelings towards one another and it’s fine, versus a reconnection that moves him forward on his journey.”

Fogelman also hinted we will see more of Nicky and Edie’s marriage in the remaining episodes of the series. “Early in the season she has this great stuff and you get to see what Nicky is like in a relationship. It’s really fun, it’s really exciting and it’s just such a great colour in the character.”


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