Twisted tale of Candy who butchered pal after having affair with her husband

Ashley Bautista April 14, 2022
Twisted tale of Candy who butchered pal after having affair with her husband


How far would you go for the sake of love? Housewife Candy got caught up with her friend’s husband and saw her life take an unexpected turn. The grisly story of an axe killing inspired the new Hulu TV series. Is Candy Montgomery still alive? Find out the background of the twisted true story.

Candace Montgomery, who went by the nickname Candy was born and raised in Texas. Those around her described her as cheerful, friendly, and an innocent girl.

Candy met and fell in love with Pat Montgomery. Together, they moved to Collin Country, near Dallas in Texas, and raised their two children there.

They seemed like a happy family, economically stable and with an indestructible love.

This is how Candy Montgomery’s life changed.

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It began with an affair

It all started when Candy Montgomery met Allan Gore in a church activity while the two were playing volleyball in 1978. Just as romantic as it is sinful.

Allan was married to Betty, however, his and Candy’s life changed the moment they met.

The two began to meet secretly. A couple of weeks later, Candy couldn’t deny the strong attraction she felt towards him, which she no longer felt towards her husband Pat. The pair started an affair.

After a few months, Betty and Allan’s second child was born. At that moment, Allan realised that he wanted to cool things off with Candy to focus on his marriage to Betty.

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Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore

Allan’s wife, Betty, didn’t pick up the phone or return his calls during his business trip on June 13, 1980. Calling her, he couldn’t reach her and even asked Candy about her whereabouts.

After searching everywhere for her, neighbour Lester Gayler called Allan to give him the worst news of all, that Betty had died. The mum of two had been hit with an axe 41 times, it was later discovered.

Searching for the possible culprits, Allan admitted to cops over having an affair with Candy Montgomery. Automatically, she became a prime suspect in the crime on June 27, 1980.

Candy was then arrested and charged with Betty’s murder. When her trial began, her legal team didn’t deny her killing Betty but contended Candy did so in self-defense. She claimed that Betty came towards her with the axe and threatened her when she discovered Candy had an affair with her husband.

After giving testimony, the jury deliberated just over three hours and found her not guilty of murder. Candy was subsequently acquitted of the charge.

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Is Candy Montgomery still alive?

According to In Touch Weekly, the current whereabouts of Candy Wheeler (no longer Montgomery) is not currently known. She has chosen to stay out of the limelight.

Reports say she had trained and worked as a mental health therapist in Georgia. It’s said that she and Pat did not stay together and both moved out of Dallas after the incident. However, It is believed that Candy Montgomery is still alive.

Want to see the whole story with your own eyes? Hulu’s five-night event will premiere “Candy” on May 9.

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