Is Twas The Fight Before Christmas based on a real story?

Amber Peake November 30, 2021
Is Twas The Fight Before Christmas based on a real story?


New Apple TV+ documentary Twas The Fight Before Christmas follows the story of a court battle that ensued after a family’s festive event sparked a long-running dispute.

Following the documentary’s release, audiences are curious to know whether the story behind The Fight Before Christmas is real or a spoof. Let’s take a look…

’Twas The Fight Before Christmas | Official Trailer | Apple TV Plus

’Twas The Fight Before Christmas | Official Trailer | Apple TV Plus
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Is Twas The Fight Before Christmas based on a real story?

Yes. Twas The Fight Before Christmas follows the true story of Jeremy Morris, a Christmas-loving lawyer who held a Christmas community event in his neighbourhood in North Idaho.

The story made its way to national news in the US before catching the attention of publications in the UK, where the documentary’s director, Becky Read, first came across the story.

In a recent interview with Variety ahead of the documentary’s debut, Read referred to a 2018 Daily Mail article as she opened up on the inspiration behind the film.

She explained: “The headline alone – War On Christmas Lawsuit – and the word ‘CAMEL’ in capitals struck us that this was a Christmas story with a twist. It was immediately interesting that this small-town story had hit national news in the UK.”

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What really happened?

The documentary follows the real-life story of Jeremy Morris and his family, who planned to host festivities from their new home that would reportedly attract “thousands” of people.

Morris, who is a lawyer and self-proclaimed ‘Mr Christmas’, planned to hold a five-day event that included festive lights, carol singers and a real-life camel.

Plans of the festivities soon made their way to the neighbourhood’s homeowners’ association, which rejected them as going against the “rules of the neighbourhood“.

The Morris family had held their event for charity at their previous home but the association was accused of ordering the family to cancel the event to be able to move into their new home.

However, the event went ahead as planned leading to a legal battle between Morris and the association.

Morris sued West Hayden States First Addition Homeowners Association and won his $75,000 lawsuit in November 2018, as reported by the Daily Mail.

However, an article by Variety published last week (26 November) stated the litigation was still subject to an appeal.

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How to watch Twas The Fight Before Christmas

Twas The Fight Before Christmas is an Apple Original film, meaning it’s available to watch exclusively on Apple TV+. The documentary premiered on the streaming service on Friday, 26 November.

As reported by Tech Radar, new Apple TV+ customers are eligible for a seven-day free trial to test the service, with the service costing $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

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