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Who is Von Dutch's Tonny Sorensen and where is he now?

Darcy Rafter November 19, 2021
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Hulu recently released docuseries The Curse Of Von Dutch: A Brand To Die For, which follows the rise and fall of the iconic Von Dutch brand so let’s uncover what Tommy Sorensen’s role is in the brand’s story.

Von Dutch trucker hats were all the talk in the early 2000s and style icons such as Paris Hilton and Kim K led the fashion cult.

With its rapid rise to popularity, the Von Dutch brand was initially deemed a global success. However, after stirring much controversy it seems its fame was short-lived.

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Who is Tonny Sorensen?

Tonny Sorenson is a Danish entrepreneur who reportedly played a major role in the rise of Von Dutch. The businessman is 57 years old and was born in Copenhagen on 9 March 1964.

He has degrees in electronic engineering and business and trade. He co-founded and is chief executive of social networking site Planet Illogica and clothing brand California Christiania Republic.

A fun fact about Sorensen is he was a taekwondo gold medallist at the 1991 world championships in the heavyweight division. 

In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles, where he studied acting, screenwriting and filmmaking. He co-produced the 1998 movie American Intellectuals, and soon moved into the fashion industry.

He invested in Von Dutch Originals in 2000 and became chief executive of the company. He expanded the business and used celebrity endorsements to propel the brand. This rapidly grew the business, particularly sales of T-shirts and trucker hats.

Where is he now?

Tonny resides with his family and spends a lot of time at home or going on holiday. It appears he remains a businessman and is still chief executive of Planet Illogica.

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Hulu’s Von Dutch series explained

The Curse Of The Von Dutch: A Brand To Die For explores the fashion brand and takes viewers on the journey of three people who created Von Dutch. Michael Cassel, Bobby and Ed Boswell all claim to be creators of Von Dutch Originals and the documentary follows their untold stories.

The three-part docuseries was released yesterday (18 November 2021) so tune in to discover the legacy of one of the most sought-after brands.

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