Fans have been loving the new Netflix series The Cook of Castamar since it dropped on the US version of the site early in July. People are just starting to finish season 1 of the show and are wondering: will there be a season 2? We take a look at the ending of the show, and see if our favourite characters ended up together.

Warning spoilers ahead!

What is The Cook Of Castamar about?

The Cook Of Castamar, or La Cocinera De Castamar, is a show set in 18th century Madrid.

The series is a heady romance between a cook and a duke who has been recently widowed. The plot is based on a novel by Fernando J Muñez, but only takes loose inspiration from the source material.

We follow Clara Belmonte, who is fleeing from a difficult past, who comes to work in the kitchens of the palace. She struggles to go out, and finds solace in the kitchen. She cooks for Diego, the Duke, and they gradually fall in love.

The original series aired in Spain in February 2021, and then was released in the US in July 2021. However, it has quickly become a firm favourite on the streaming platform.

The Cook of Castamar – Season 1 Trailer

The Cook of Castamar – Season 1 Trailer

What happened with the ending of The Cook Of Castamar?

Tatiana Rodríguez Vázquez is a script writer and adapted the novel by Fernando J Muñez for the screen. She has said that at the ending of The Cook Of Castamar that they struggled to bring Clara and Diego together as a couple.

She went on to state that it was hard to:

“Relate them in an organic way, there was also a moment when we considered that they would not end up together. But in the end, there is something of a romantic factor and a classic love story and that if they didn’t end up together was a very sad ending ”.

The writers felt that they did not want Clara to resign, although in the original book she marries and gives up cooking.

Fans everywhere were wondering if the Duke was going to end up married to the noble and beautiful Amelia Castro, and follow the wishes of his family.

However, we are so happy that Clara and the Duke found happiness at the end of this season, and we can’t wait to see what else life has in store for this couple.

Will there be a second season?

At the moment there has been no confirmation of a second season of The Cook Of Castamar.

However, the show was not originally made by Netflix, it was made by Atresplayer Premium in Spain, and simply distributed by the streaming giant in the US.

While there has been quite a large gap since the show was produced, this does not mean that there will not be another season, as the show only continues to grow in popularity.

However, on the official Instagram page the final post, dated 24 June, states: “¡Esta noche servimos el ÚLTIMO CAPÍTULO”, which translates to, “Tonight we serve the LAST CHAPTER”.

We just have to keep our fingers crossed for another series!

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