The Boys Season 2: What is the Church Of The Collective?

Iram Sharifah Khan September 25, 2020
The Boys Season 2: What is the Church Of The Collective?
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What is the Church of the Collective on The Boys? The first real encounter viewers have with them is in season 2 episode 1, when The Deep gets bailed out of jail. For the church to catch wind of The Deep’s arrest before the story even breaks to the press means they must carry some weight in high places. So the question is: exactly who are they and what is their ultimate goal?

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The Boys Church Of The Collective explained

From what we know, they seem like a cult for Supes, where they go to rehabilitate themselves after a traumatic incident. Stormfront mentions that she was a part of the group way back when they allowed Nazi ideologies however, she left when they started allowing people of colour into the group which, didn’t fit Stormfronts racist tendencies.

Why are they always drinking Fresca?

The first time we see Fresca is right after The Deep is freed from jail. Following this, it is continually offered to him by Eagle the archer and Carol. Carol is another member of COTC. Throughout The Deeps journey of self-actualisation, Fresca is something we can always see on screen when Carol or Eagle the archer are in the room with The Deep.

It seems to be some sort of soft drink that could be laced to keep its drinkers in a trance or hypnotised state. The Deep also offers this to A-train after convincing him to meet with their leader. Implying he is now one of them.
No need for therapy when you can drug and groom, eh?

What are the goals of the Church Of The Collective?

As well as offering their new recruits Fresca continually, they gave The Deep a hallucinogenic hot drink. This is something Eagle the archer mentions that he has tried before so, it seems they make all of their new recruits face their trauma head on through psychedelics, further proving they are more than likely lacing Fresca too, in order to lull them into a false sense of security.

Everything they do seems to be revolving around helping Supes make the best decisions, “telling truths” and be calm in general. For example, helping The Deep to find a wife and playing Enya when A-Train meets the leader.

Lulling The Deep into a false sense of security?

Much like Scientology, they are relying on members spreading their word. Carol recruited Eagle the archer, Eagle the archer recruits The Deep, who then, in turn brings A-train into the fold. Each member seems to have joined when at their most vulnerable, so it almost seems predatory.  

It is established COTC have really good connections as, they have money for marketing and own a fancy “Renewal centre”, they also seem to know everything about The Seven.

Church of the collective advert

One thing is certain: the Church Of The Collective on The Boys must have a lot of friends in high places. COTC seem to have their fingers in all of the pies and are constantly recruiting. Though their goal is not certain, they seem to be a parody of Scientology, offering fallen Supes a second chance in life.

The question remains: What do the Church Of The Collective really want?

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