Is Black Noir stronger than Homelander in The Boys Season 2? Who would win in an ultimate face-off? And how does the Amazon series compare to the original comics anyway? Let’s dive in.

The Boys: TV series vs the original comics

The Boys’ comic book-to-TV-series adaptation was first created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson in 2006. Later, Amazon partnered with Supernatural screenwriter Eric Kripke to create The Boys TV series, which premiered as an Amazon Prime exclusive in July 2019.

Since its debut on TV, many fans have been speculating which of the heroes might be the strongest in the series. And the most recent theories concern whether Black Noir is stronger than Homelander.

Now that’s wild. Let’s see how this theory holds up, but proceed at your own risk – there are spoilers ahead!

Is Black Noir stronger than Homelander?

Both Black Noir and Homelander first debuted in #Issue 3 (Saviour of Mankind) of The Boys comic book series, as part of the Superhero group The Seven.

In the original comics books, both Black Noir and Homelander were created using the DNA of another, older, Supe called Stormfront, who was used in Nazi military missions during World War II.

Homelander was then created by Nazi scientists as an experiment. Once they realised his overwhelming powers, they created a clone with the ability to stop him if things ever got out of hand, thus giving birth to the character known as Black Noir (Homelanders keeper).

What is Homelander’s weakness? What about Black Noir’s?

Though Black Noir doesn’t appear to have the exact same powers as Homelander, he is stronger in every conceivable way. The first indication of this in the series was when he ruthlessly killed Naquib after surviving a close-range explosion.


Yes, his face was kind of torn off, but he carried out his mission and sliced his target in half as though cutting through butter.

This is not to say Black Noir does not have any weaknesses. In the first season he comes toe to toe with The Female, who manages to strike him before she is beaten. Whether or not he feels pain is debatable, but we see he does bleed and, with that logic, we assume he can be killed.

Homelander has not yet shown any physical weaknesses in the TV series, though he is shown to be erratic, childish and abusive of his power.

His only possible weakness would be psychological warfare, to which end he murdered his only love interest, Madelyn Stillwell, in season 1. Now, in Season 2, he’s set his sights on his son, who, in normal circumstances would be seen as his weak spot – but we have all seen Homelander’s ability to “love” and let’s face it, it can be a little unsettling.

Who would win in a Homelander vs Black Noir face-off?

In the comic books Black Noir kills Homelander, after doing unspeakable acts disguised as him. He then is immediately obliterated by Billy Butcher, proving that both Superheroes can be killed.

Throughout the TV series, Homelander is shown to get progressively out of control and it is implied that a number of people, including his own teammates are disgusted, terrified and wish to put a stop to him.

Being that Black Noir is a contingency plan and has purposefully been created to put a stop to Homelander should things get out of hand, it would be safe to say Black Noir is the stronger character and will soon be put to use against Homelander. However, we have yet to see where the Amazon will take The Boys Season 2, as so far it has shown to be different in places from the comic book series.

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