Does Butcher kill Homelander in The Boys Season 2? If you are an avid follower of The Boys, then you already know there are changes from the comics to the TV series adaptation, leaving fans wondering what in the world will happen next.


So proceed with caution.

Why would Butcher want to kill Homelander?

In the comics, it is explained Billy Butcher wants to kill Homelander as he believes Homelander raped and killed his wife. In the comics it’s revealed it was actually Black Noir who did this and pinned it all on Homelander.

The Amazon Prime series, however, seems to be going a different route with this. We find out in Season 1 that Homelander did in fact rape Rebecca Butcher, causing her to become pregnant with his child.

Over the course of 8 years Butcher studies The Seven and how to bring them down, with his main reason being to avenge Becca’s fate and kill Homelander.

How Homelander dies in the comics

In “Over the Hills with the swords of a thousand men”, Homelander murders the president of the United States. This causes his failsafe Black Noir, to find and put a stop to him, as he has finally gone too far.

In the comics, it’s actually Black Noir and not Billy Butcher who kills Homelander in the comics. Butcher then kills Black Noir almost immediately after, to right the wrong that was done to his wife.

Can Homelander be killed?

If there is anything we have learned by watching Homelander’s tyrannical exploits, it is that he is the poor man’s Superman. He is the result of what would have happened to Clark Kent if John and Martha Kent had not found him on the farm. Homelander is not a god or an alien come down to earth to save us, but a homicidal super-loony – no matter what Vought wants the public to believe.


He is a human who’s been experimented on and severely deprived of love since childhood. Therefore, it would be logical that if he is human, he can be killed, much like how Translucent was killed.

It just takes a bit of…creativity. This is why Butcher has taken years to study Homelander’s weaknesses, which are still unknown to fans of the show.

Does Butcher kill Homelander?

In The Boys Season 2, it is yet to be seen whether or not Homelander will die at the hands of Butcher. He has made so many enemies that even his team, The Seven, want him dead.

But the same could be said of Butcher, who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, for the murder of Madelyn Stillwell (even though we all know what really happened).

In The Boys Season 2 Episode 8, it is revealed Becca is alive and being held at a secret location by Vought, along with her son by Homelander.

Homelander then takes Butcher there to show they were both lied to by the shadowy corporation. So, does this mean Butcher doesn’t need to kill Homelander anymore? Are they pals now?

Butcher finds out the truth


Not really. Bargain-bin Superman still raped Billy Butcher’s wife and took away the last eight years of their marriage. Homelander ruined both their lives and gave Becca a son who Butcher wants nothing to do with, as we learn when Butcher and Becca finally reunite in Season 2 Episode 4.

Homelander then dumps Butcher in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so as not to reveal the location of the Vought base where Becca is being held. The only reason Butcher got out of this alive is because Becca made a deal with Homelander.

It’s safe to say Butcher has one of the biggest reasons to want to kill Homelander but, Homelanders rap sheet keeps on growing, as do his megalomaniac tendencies and his enemy list. As The Boys Season 2 progresses, all bets are off in regard to who will try to kill Homelander first. Butcher, though not a Supe, could be the one who gets to Homelander first.

We stan a man that will fight for his love. Go. Billy Butcher!

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