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The actor for Colin in Netflix's Uncoupled starred in Desperate Housewives

Eve Edwards July 31, 2022
The actor for Colin in Netflix's Uncoupled starred in Desperate Housewives
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Neil Patrick-Harris is back on our screens in Netflix’s latest rom-com Uncoupled, but all the talk from the show is centred on the actor playing Colin, who breaks our lead’s heart.

Uncoupled follows Michael Lawson (Patrick-Harris), a New York real estate agent who is recalibrating his life after being suddenly dumped by Colin, his partner of almost 20 years.

Created by Darren Star (Sex And The City), the Netflix series has a perfect rom-com cocktail on its hands, complete with a lead on a path to love and happiness and an ex no viewer is rooting for.

But who is the ex in question? As Uncoupled gets its release on July 29, 2022, we take a look at the actor playing across from Neil Patrick-Harris’ Michael.

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Meet the actor playing Colin in Uncoupled

Hedge-fund manager Colin McKenna is portrayed by American actor Charles Curtis “Tuc” Watkins III.

Born on September 2, 1966 in Kansas City, Tuc Watkins rose to prominence in the early 1990s starring in a number of small roles in television and film. It was in 1994 that Watkins landed his big break. That year saw him cast as David Vickers in ABC’s long-running soap One Life To Live. Tuc Watkins held the role of David Vickers on and off between 1994 and 2013.

Tuc Watkins, like his character in Uncoupled, lives in New York City. He lives with his partner of three years Andrew Rannells and Tuc’s twins, Catchen and Curtis.

Andrew Rannells, 43, and Tuc Watkins started dating in 2019 having met playing a couple in the Broadway staging of The Boys In The Band. They have collaborated on numerous projects since, including Netflix’s film adaptation of The Boys In The Band (2020) and dark comedy series Black Monday (2020).

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What else has Tuc Watkins been in?

After starring in one-off episodes in the likes of Melrose Place, Baywatch and The Edge in the early Nineties, Tuc Watkins landed his big break in One Life To Live. After being cast as David Vickers, a number of bigger roles came the actor’s way.

Some of Tuc Watkins’ most notable roles to date include Dr Pierce Dorman in General Hospital, Bob Hunter in Desperate Housewives, and Pistol Pete in Parks & Recreation.

Other projects Watkins has been involved with include Awkward, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Bob’s Burgers, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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Tuc Watkins talks about starring in Netflix’s Uncoupled

As the instigator of Uncoupled’s drama, Tuc Watkins’ character of Colin has a lot to answer for. After the first episode, in which he unexpectedly breaks up with Michael, Colin is positioned as the show’s antagonist.

Speaking to TVLine about his role in the series, Tuc Watkins explains Uncoupled is trying to break the tropes of most rom-com series: “In most break-up comedies, the couple breaks up, the ex is a jerk and the hero goes on his journey and lives happily ever after. This is a different show.

“Uncoupled is about an uncoupling and all it entails. So we’ll also follow Colin, and we’ll see how that uncoupling affects the people in Michael’s world. And Colin does break up with Michael for a reason. He doesn’t give that reason right away, but there’s a reason, and it does come up later.”

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Purple Hearts | Official Trailer

Purple Hearts | Official Trailer

Uncoupled viewers weigh in on Colin’s break up

Inevitably, given the plot of the Netflix series, viewers aren’t too happy with Colin. Regardless of Tuc Watkins’ explanation, it’s clear viewers aren’t fans of Colin after he breaks up with Michael.

One viewer tweeted: “Ten minutes into Uncoupled on Netflix and I am hooked. Colin definitely been a jerk about this whole thing. It’s totally understandable that Michael is talking about himself in the situation when Colin isn’t offering Michael any of his thoughts/emotions.”

You can watch all eight episodes of Uncoupled on Netflix now.

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