Terry Fountain, Ellen Show audio engineer for 18 seasons of the show’s history – that’s 791 episodes according to IMDB – has passed away age 65, Ellen DeGeneres announced during her show yesterday. He is survived by his daughter, Trevi Fountain.

Terry Fountain’s death shocks Ellen Show fans

Neither Ellen nor Terry’s family have disclosed the details surrounding Terry Fountain’s death. Therefore how he died remains out of the public domain.

Terry Fountain worked on the Ellen Show “from the beginning” and won eight daytime Emmy Awards. Ellen described him as a “big part of our family here”, whose absence will be felt “deeply”.


Ellen told her audience that, given Terry’s contribution to the show and his enduring presence, the audio booth in which he spent his days will henceforth be named the Terry Fountain Audio Booth.

terry fountain ellen show
The Ellen Show

Fountain reportedly died over the weekend, and leaves behind a daughter, Trevi Fountain.

Terry Fountain beat cancer in 2014

On 21 June 2014, Ellen tweeted in celebration of Terry Fountain’s overcoming cancer – and winning an Emmy at the same time.

Whether or not cancer played a part in Terry Fountain’s death in March 2021 is, again, not known to the public.

However, the following year (2015), he worked as the sound mixer for 8 episodes of Repeat After Me and 49 episodes of Heads Up!

Terry Fountain’s career in television audio began in 1981, when he worked on two episodes of late night comedy sketch show Fridays.

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