Tanner Novlan 'feels awful' over misleading B&B fans after Finn bombshell

Darcy Rafter May 24, 2022
Tanner Novlan 'feels awful' over misleading B&B fans after Finn bombshell
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for The Kindred Foundation for Adoption

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for The Bold and the Beautiful**

Fans of CBS soap The Bold And The Beautiful are used to shocking deaths and nail-biting cliffhangers. However, the fandom is also used to character deaths being temporary, with many fan favourites coming back from the dead.

It feels like everything is kicking off on The Bold And The Beautiful at the minute, with Steffy’s memory coming back and revealing to Li it was Sheila who shot her and Fin. Li can’t believe it, but when pressed on sorting out a memorial service for Finn she doesn’t seem too concerned about honouring his life either… maybe it’s because he’s not actually dead?

This sent alarm bells ringing that Finn might still be alive, let’s find out what his portrayer Tanner Novlan thinks about the B&B bombshell.

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for The Kindred Foundation for Adoption

Finn bombshell shocks B&B fans

Fans initially thought Novlan was hinting at his return on 22 May as he shared an Instagram clip from 1999’s Fight Club. Displaying the scene of Brad Pitt walking through a door in a robe, sunglasses and a cigarette in his mouth, Novlan captioned the post: “Sunday morning.”

Fans fled to the comments section to suggest the snippet was a hint Finn he was returning to the show. “I get what you are saying, Tanner,” replied one user, “welcome back and glad you are staying.” Another wrote: “Yes!!! Let’s go! Let’s go!” One user thought the post was a hint at how he would re-enter the soap, noting Tanner was “walking back in like a total boss”.

The end of Monday’s B&B episode revealed Finn never died and has been alive for the past month and a half fans had been grieving him. Steffy thinks Li was acting weird and Taylor agrees with her but they put it down to her going through the grief process.

In the next scene, Li picks up a framed photo of Finn and starts ranting about Sheila. The camera then pans to a bed with an unconscious Finn hooked up to machines. His adoptive mother, Li, has been caring for him all this time…

Tanner Novlan ‘feels awful’ over misleading B&B fans

The Bold And The Beautiful star has finally broken his silence on Finn’s big bombshell. The actor has admitted during his appearance on The Talk that he “felt awful” for tricking fans into believing Finn was dead.

Tanner has been keeping his storyline on the low for almost two months and begged fans: “Don’t be mad at me!” as he was “blown away at the fans’ reaction” and support.

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