Tammy Thompson sings the anthem in Stranger Things S4, this is not a drill

Rachael Grealish May 27, 2022
Tammy Thompson sings the anthem in Stranger Things S4, this is not a drill

Tammy Thompson makes a reappearance in Stranger Things season 4 to sing the US national anthem and fans are losing it.

Stranger Things season 4 has finally dropped on Netflix today (May 27) after, what feels like, years and viewers finally get to meet one highly-anticipated character, Tammy Thompson.

Who is Tammy Thompson?

For those who didn’t do a full binge of season 3 to recap in preparation for season 4, Tammy was first referenced when Robin and Steve were on their drug trip.

When Steve and Robin manage to escape from the Russians, after being drugged and beaten, the pair drink a load of water and hold up in a bathroom, being sick, and they have a moment of confessing. Steve admits to Robin he’s starting to get feelings for her and when he leans in she confesses her own secret; she’s a lesbian.

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It’s pretty complicated but stay with me. Basically, Robin admits she wasn’t paying attention in class because she had a crush on Steve, but because she had a crush on Tammy – who, in turn, had a crush on Steve during which time Steve wasn’t interested in Tammy because he was interested in Nancy Wheeler at that time.

Although Robin clearly feels awkward for just coming out to Steve he makes the moment one of true loving friendship when instead of talking about her sexual orientation, he actually starts making fun of her for having a crush on Tammy – who he calls a ‘total dud’ and said sounds like a ‘muppet giving birth’.

Tammy in season 4

Fans first get a glimpse of Tammy in episode one of season 4 when all the gang are attending a pep rally and it’s announced Tammy would be singing the national anthem. The preppy teen then gives a pitchy version of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ while Robin and Steve joke to themselves about their views on her voice. Even Vickie, Robin’s new crush who was stood next to her in the school band line-up, agreed she sounded like a Muppet.

However, even after such a short appearance on the show fans on Twitter are losing it due to what it means for Steve and Robin.

Tammy isn’t currently billed to appear in any more Stranger Things episodes, but with the Duffer Brothers you never know, and it was nice to put a face to a name.

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