The wildest Stormfront fan theories for The Boys Season 2

Iram Sharifah Khan September 24, 2020
The wildest Stormfront fan theories for The Boys Season 2

Since Season 2 of The Boys premiered on Amazon earlier this month, Stormfront fan theories have been popping up everywhere. Though for most of the season, she has painted herself as a loudmouth, feminist hero, viewers recently learned about her hateful, racist past. The trailer for episode 6 teases an even bigger reveal – let’s go through the wildest Stormfront fan theories together.

Stormfront fan theories featuring Homelander

In the comics, Stormfront was actually male and was created and raised by a Nazi scientist. He ended up a racist Supe, which is a trait passed on to Stormfront’s female version of the character in the Amazon adaptation.

In The Boys season 2, episode 4 it is revealed Stormfront has a dark history as Liberty, a superhero shunned by the world after a hate crime in which she killed a young black man simply because of the colour of his skin.

Stormfront’s DNA & Homelander’s origins

In the original comics, Homelander is revealed to have been made from Stormfront’s DNA. According to some fan theories, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call him the result of selective breeding to fit the “Aryan master race” – blond hair and blue eyes, the “perfect human”.

Is Stormfront Homelander’s mother?

In season 2, episode 5, Homelander shoots a laser beam at Stormfront’s chest before the two hook up in quite possibly one of the most disturbing superhero sex scenes on TV. But does that count as incest?

If Homelander was in fact made from Stormfront’s DNA, and she is immune to his superpowers (or can match them), it would be like she’s his mother. Eww.

We already know Homelander has a thing for that kind of…thing.

Also, this scene reveals Homelander’s powers don’t have an effect on Stormfront. Therefore, she’s the more powerful of the two.
Stormfront to Homelander.

We’ve seen Stormfront’s mother. Or was it her daughter?

In season 2, episode 5, Stormfront tells Starlight (Annie) her mother’s name is Adele. When Annie is snooping around Stormfront’s trailer, she sees an image of Stormfront and an older woman, who Annie presumes is Adele.

However, knowing how far Liberty dates back, this would be impossible. Judging from her age, Adele couldn’t possibly be Stormfront’s mother and, besides, we know from previous Supes that powers are passed down genetically.

Therefore, Adele could be Stormfront’s sister or even Homelander’s biological mother, who might be used against him at a later date. We can only speculate.

Will Stormfront destroy The Seven?

Stormfront doesn’t bother to hide her racist views throughout season 2. She even goes so far as to call A-Train “garbage” and hint to him that she’s a racist.

Stormfront also knows Annie is the one who released the secrets of compound V to the media, but seems to have a weird fascination with her. Some Stormfront fan theories believe is may be due to Starlight’s appearance, as she would fit in with the Aryan ideals of blonde hair and blue eyes.

Stormfront has yet to talk to Black Noir or Queen Maeve, but we know in the comics she had a relationship with Maeve. As Stormfront wants to paint herself as a feminist character and Maeve has already been outed as bisexual, this could either be a weird ‘ship’ on on the show or another way to antagonise Homelander.

Much like Homelander, Stormfront seems to have a growing enemy list, so it should only be a matter of time before more of her secrets are revealed

She’s clearly trying to usurp Homelander and build her following at the same time.
She doesn’t hide it either!

So is she trying to destroy The Seven or restore Vought to its “former glory”?

Some fans believe Stormfront is tearing down The Seven, one by one, for a bigger purpose that might be revealed in episode 6.

In the comics, however, Stormfront is still part of Payback – a Supe group similar to The Seven. Although there’s been no indication of this in the Amazon series so far, some fan theories maintain this could be a valid reason for Stormfront’s attack on The Seven.

As time goes on, huge differences are revealed between the comics and the TV series. However, the main elements of character arcs have generally been retained so it’s possible we’ll see a Stormfront vs The Boys showdown soon!

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