WFLA meteorologist Steve Jerve announced his retirement as part of Channel 8’s 6pm broadcast last night (Monday, 26 July). Following the news, some are curious to know more about Steve Jerve’s age and career so far as he leaves the channel.

Is Steve Jerve retiring?

Yes. Steve Jerve announced he would be stepping down from his role as chief meteorologist for WFLA-TV in last night’s (Monday, 26 July) 6pm broadcast.

On the show, he explained: “I’m retiring here in a couple of weeks. I have been here for 23 and half years, believe it or not, almost 40 years in the television business itself.”

Talking of his decision to step back he continued: “You reach that point in life that where you decide to make that decision to move onto the next phase of life, and I’m doing that.

“This is completely my decision. WFLA jas been fantastic and want’s me to stay, but this is a personal decision for me to want to move on.”

While announcing his retirement, Jerve also revealed his last day as part of the news show would be Friday, 6 August.

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Steve Jerve’s age and career explored

As the meteorologist leaves his role on-screen, some are curious to know how old Steve Jerve is.

Steve Jerve is 60 years old and, over the years, has become a familiar face to many on WFLA as he presents the latest weather on News Channel 8′s 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 6 pm and 11 pm newscasts.

Before Jerve joined the WFLA team, he worked as part of many different networks, including KDNL, WJTV and WFTV.

The now established meteorologist made his debut on TV almost 40 years ago, in 1983, as a reporter and anchor for KAAL- TV.

Colleagues and WFLA viewers react on social media

Both viewers and those who have worked alongside the meteorologist have since wished Jerve a happy retirement on social media:

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