Steve Burton is leaving General Hospital a ridiculously rich man

Darcy Rafter November 24, 2021
Steve Burton is leaving General Hospital a ridiculously rich man
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Steve Burton aka Jason Morgan has confirmed that has he been fired from General Hospital after refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine. Let’s just say, Steve is leaving a ridiculously rich man…

It was recently revealed that the cast and crew on the daytime soap must display a ‘proper vaccine card’ to work on General Hospital.

As a result, Jason Morgan who has been on and off the show since 1991 has had to say his goodbyes.

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Steve Burton is a ridiculously rich man

Steve Burton’s net worth in 2021 is reportedly  $3 million dollars.

However, Steve Burton might be walking away from General Hospital an even richer man with the payout that he could receive from the show.

He has maintained a thriving career for more than thirty years, though he has not made it clear what his future endeavours involve. However, he did mention on his Instagram that he would move on to “different opportunities.”

Much of his money comes from his successful acting career. Aside from his time on the soap, he has also made money from featuring in films, television shows, and video games.

He has received major roles in the sci-fi series Taken and The Last Castle. Along with productions such as The Manhattan Project, Red Sun Rising, and CyberTracker. He was also a voice actor on the Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy video games.

In 2012, he moved to The Young And The Restless as Dylan McAvoy which he starred in until 2016. Before returning to Jason Morgan on GH the following year.

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Steve Burton is leaving General Hospital

On Tuesday 23rd November 2021, the actor confirmed he has been fired from the show. The 51-year-old reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 in August 2021 but has not yet received the vaccination.

Rumours have been circulating regarding his status on General Hospital ever since Ingo Rademacher left the show. However, Steve Burton finally made the confirmation as he took to his Instagram account to make the leaving announcement.

After telling fans that he has been booted off the show he explained in the caption that he wanted fans to hear it from him first-hand: “Hey! I wanted you to hear it from me. I love and appreciate all of you!” he wrote.

In the video, Steve explained that he was let go as a result of not complying with the vaccine mandate. He did apply for medical and religious exemptions but these were not accepted resulting in his departure.

“Unfortunately, General Hospital has let me go because of the vaccine mandate. I did apply for my medical and religious exemptions, and both of those were denied. Which, you know, hurts. But this is also about personal freedom to me.”

General Hospital vaccine card controversy

The vaccine mandate on General Hospital went into force on 1st November 2021. This rule was implemented in hopes of reducing risk onset and delays to the production schedule.

No other television daytime drama series aside from GH are requiring a vaccine card from the cast and crew. Most other productions are instead following close measures to keep everyone safe on set without the vaccine mandate.

Steve did leave the door open for his return to General Hospital as he continued: ‘Maybe one day if these mandates are lifted, I can return and finish my career as Jason Morgan. That would be an honor.” Meaning many fans are holding onto hope that Jason Morgan could return in the future.

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