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Patch’s best and worst moments during his 37 years on Days Of Our Lives

Darcy Rafter June 24, 2022
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Stephen Nichols made his Days Of Our Lives debut nearly 37 years ago and he has a plethora of best and worst storylines, let’s take a look at some of the staple moments which have kept us watching.

Nichols has been a daytime staple character for nearly four decades including General Hospital, Santa Barbara and The Young And The Restless.

Nichols is a five-time winner of Soap Opera Digest’s Best Actor Award and has even been nominated for an Emmy. Let’s explore more about Patch and his time on Days.

Photo by: Christopher Polk/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

One of Patch’s worst moments was when he lost his eye

Steven Earl “Patch” Johnson stepped onto the Days canvas in 1985 when he first arrived in Salem. His initial run lasted five years, until October 1990, Nichols then returned in June 2006 to February 2009 and then again in August 2015 to August 2018. Patch has been a nickname for the character since he lost his eye during a knife fight over a woman with frenemy Bo Brady.

Patch’s rollercoaster with Kayla

Steve fell in love with Kayla Brady and they eventually got married and she became pregnant. Steve’s ex-wife Marina Toscano was presumed dead until she popped up out of the blue asking for Steve’s help. Kayla was jealous of her coming back up on the scene and decided to kill Marina once and for all. After getting convicted of the killing, Patch raised their newborn daughter Stephanie Johnson on his own with the help of a nanny.

After discovering that the nanny was bonkers Steve ended up having to save their baby from her. Kayla escaped prison to help save Steph and when they were able to do it charges against Kayla were dropped and Patch joined the police force.

Photo by: Christopher Polk/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

When he discovered the truth about his brother and sister

Patch’s sister, Adrienne Johnson, had killed their dad in self-defence. Trying to be a good older brother he took the blame to protect her but before he could be sentence she confessed. Patch also learned that Jack Deveraux was his long-lost brother, but kept the truth a secret because he was about to pass away.

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Corday Productions

Patch’s death and revival

When Patch was injured in a boat explosion, Lawrence Alamain poisoned his IV drip and when he died he stole his body. He was presumed dead but just 16 years later, Steve returned to Salem suffering brain loss and calling himself Nick.

When Kayla tried to help him remember his past he finally got memories back of being tortured and brainwashed by the DiMeras. Kayla and Patch got back together and she gave birth their second child, Joey. The family left Salem in 2009 but Patch returned again in 2015, with their teenage son in hopes of getting the family back together.

Photo by: Christopher Polk/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images
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