Fans plot future B&B storyline as Steffy actress announces she's pregnant

Darcy Rafter November 23, 2021
Fans plot future B&B storyline as Steffy actress announces she's pregnant
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The Bold And The Beautiful‘s Steffy Forrester, aka Jaqueline MacInnes Wood, has just announced she’s pregnant AGAIN – and soap fans are shook. Fans have already plotted the future B&B storyline as her life gets even more chaotic.

Another bundle of joy announcement comes just nine months after Jaqueline and husband Elan Ruspoli welcomed their second child, Lenix, in February.

The 34-year-old has now dropped another baby bombshell so let’s discover what that means for Steffy Forrester.

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B&B’s Steffy Forrester announces she’s pregnant

In an exclusive photoshoot with People magazine, the soap star announced she’s pregnant with her third baby.

She and Elan Ruspoli are already parents to Lenix, who is nine months old, and Rise, who is two.

As part of the announcement the actor showed off her baby bump amid pictures of her alongside Lenix, Elan and Rise. She revealed: “I am excited to announce I am pregnant with my third child, due this spring,”

“Elan and I dreamed of having a large family as we are both only-children and are over the moon our dreams are coming true.”

Fans are keeping up to date with the star over on her Instagram as she is definitely in touch with staying fun as a mum. One of her most recent Instagrams was captioned “mom and dad still get after it” proving she’s not like a *regular* mom, she’s a *cool* mom.

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Soap fans plot future B&B storyline

B&B fans are curious to know whether the writers will incorporate her pregnancy into the show. Usually the character becomes pregnant too and writers attempt to sync their pregnancy timeline to the actor’s.

As Steffy already has two children and her last pregnancy wasn’t long ago, some fans hope the baby storyline isn’t repeated.

However, other fans think it could work if Steffy Forrester becomes pregnant. It could add more drama to the already tense soap. Fans have even joked they wonder who her baby daddy would be this time, jesting it could be one of multiple characters.

As we know, her second baby, Hayes, was thought to be Liam’s then, with a DNA test switch up, it appeared to have been Finn’s. Fans aren’t sure if they’re ready for another plot twist like that, though!

Others think she’ll leave town as a result of the recent Finn and Sheila drama, meaning the actress would spend some time off the show. Others think the character could be kidnapped and, if that fails, another baby might pop up.

The new baby isn’t due until spring 2022 so don’t panic fans – Steffy will continue to be on our screens for a while yet. Tune into B&B to discover what happens to Steffy.

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