Why Squid Game x Reader fanfic is the hottest new internet trend

Cara Houlton October 6, 2021

Since the premiere of Squid Game on Netflix last month the South Korean series has gained major popularity. Now some viewers are writing fan fiction ‘shipping’ some of the show’s characters. We took a look into why Squid Game fan fiction is becoming so popular and where to find it.

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Why is Squid Game fan fiction so popular?

Squid Game’s popularity has soared since its release on 17 September 2021 and it is now the most-watched Netflix series in more than 90 countries worldwide.

With a gripping storyline and popular cast, the show has become a hub of fan fiction online as viewers take a liking to many of the characters.

As we await a second season, fan fiction is allowing viewers to enjoy the plot and characters without having to watch the same version of the show over and over.

Where to find Squid Game fan fiction

Squid Game fan fiction is available on several websites including Wattpad, FanFiction, and Quotev.

As well as stories about love, money and betrayal, there’s even a Wattpad fanfic story about the show’s young female players 067 and 240 being reunited.

Currently, the most popular Wattpad Squid Game fan fiction piece has attracted more than 36,000 views while others are getting thousands of views.

Reactions to Squid Game fan fiction

Fans of Squid Game are making their feelings clear on Twitter and it seems many are happy at the rise of the show’s fan fiction. People want to see more.

Some pieces of Squid Game fan fiction have even got readers emotional. One Twitter user posted photos of his favourite piece of fanfic highlighting Ali, the character viewers often sympathise with.

Although there are already many stories available online, fans want more. One Twitter user suggested the idea of a Squid Game where all characters survive, although this doesn’t appear to exist yet. Perhaps that’s one fanfic to look out for?

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