Can you buy a Spooky Gnome like in On My Block this Halloween?

Darcy Rafter October 6, 2021


On My Block is known for the spooky gnome and now Halloween is just around the corner fans want to get their hands on a gnome of their own.

Now that most of On My Block’s biggest mysteries have been uncovered, the prom was the main event to look forward to for the series finale.

Now we know what really happened to Lil Ricky, let’s discover where you can get a spooky gnome for yourself this spooky season.

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Can you buy a spooky gnome like in On My Block

Yes, spooky gnomes like the ones from On My Block are available from many stores.

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There’s a popular Gnomie Julio, which is inspired by the TV show and is sold on Etsy, although it’s quite expensive at £80.

There is also a Juanita-type gnome available on Etsy for the much cheaper price of £18.40.

On the other hand, On My Block gnome stickers are available in a load of different designs.

However, if you want the best variety of gnomes from the series you might want to look at CWC by Crooked, which also has a TikTok account promoting its gnomes.

Spooky Gnome season finale recap

On the evening of prom night, the spooky gnome had found its way to Cesar, and now the Juanita gnome had got to Jamal.

Jamal was still obsessing over Kendra, who it turns out works for his favourite billionaire Noel Aroma. Then the series cuts to the black car that has been following him all season. It turns out it was Noel and Kendra surveilling him to see if he was a good fit for the job.

In a previous scene in the series, when Chivo was in the pool with Cesar, it was revealed the gnomes were all named after fallen members of the Santos.

This suggests Juanita was a real person, possibly a girlfriend of one of the members, and fans believe it was Julio. This is because he seems to admit it when Jamal confronts him at the office.

Have fun choosing that spooky gnome!

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