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When was Sonny Barger in Sons Of Anarchy? Rewatch episodes in his memory

Amber Peake June 30, 2022
When was Sonny Barger in Sons Of Anarchy? Rewatch episodes in his memory
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Sons Of Anarchy fans are curious to know what episodes the late Hells Angles legend Sonny Barger featured in amid news of his passing. 

The death of the founding member of the motorcycle group was announced on Thursday (30 June) via a statement on his Facebook page.  

In the post, which was written by Sonny before his passing, it was revealed he had died following a “brief battle with cancer.” 

Following the tributes to the Hells Angel, some have wondered about his Sons Of Anarchy cameos. We take a look at when Sonny Barger was featured on the series and where to watch the episodes. 

The Stranger in Our Bed | Trailer

The Stranger in Our Bed | Trailer

Sons Of Anarchy found inspiration in Hells Angles

Sons Of Anarchy, which aired for seven seasons between 2008 and 2014, starts out following the story of Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, the vice president of the motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy. 

The creator of the show, Kurt Sutter, reportedly was inspired by several real-life motorcycle groups, including the Hells Angeles. 

In 2008, Sutter discussed how he found inspiration for the series in the Hells Angles in an interview with Trib Live.  He explained how the group’s history inspired him to imagine how newer generations of a motorcycle group would continue its original legacy. 

The series even had a few Hell Angles features, including the founding member of the Hells Angels, Sonny Barger. 

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When did Sonny Barger appear in Sons Of Anarchy?

As the show found inspiration in the Hells Angels motorcycle group, it’s no surprise that founding member Sonny Barger went on to feature in the series. 

Barger appeared in a total of three episodes across the FX series’ run. Fans of the show may remember he portrayed the role of Lenny ‘The Pimp’ Janowitz

The character was one of the first nine members of the Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, aka the SAMCRO. In the series, Lenny is serving time in Stockton State Prison following a conviction for killing three ATF agents. 

Barger’s first appearance was at the end of season three in the last episode, NS. He returned the following series, where he starred in the first part of the season 4 two-part finale, To Be, Act 1.

Barger’s third and final appearance on Sons Of Anarchy was in episode 10 of the fifth season, Crucifixed, which aired in 2012. 

Photo by rune hellestad/Corbis via Getty Images

Sons Of Anarchy was not Barger’s only acting credit

As well as his feature in the motorcycle drama series, Sonny Barger has a few other acting credits to his name. 

His first few credits were as himself in the 1967 film Hells Angles On Wheels and Hell’s Angels ’69 two years later. 

A year after his last episode feature on Sons Of Anarchy and more than four decades on from his first few acting credits, he went on to star in the 2013 motorcycle action film Dead in 5 Heartbeats. 

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How to watch Sonny Barger’s Sons Of Anarchy episodes in his memory

If you are a Hulu or Disney+ customer, you can stream all seven seasons of the show on both streamers. 

The series is also available to buy or rent on Amazon. You can either opt to buy individual episodes or a full season. 

On Amazon US, episodes are $2.99, while a full season is available for $19.99. On the UK version of the site, episodes are £2.49 each, and a full season is £14.99. 

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