Sleight movie ending explained: Netflix's new addition gets mixed reviews from Twitter

Jane Corscadden May 18, 2021
Sleight movie ending explained: Netflix's new addition gets mixed reviews from Twitter

Sleight movie ending explained: The 2016 film’s cliff-hanger ending has been picked up on by many social media users as the movie has just been added to Netflix.

But what is the movie about? What does the ending mean, and will there be a Sleight 2? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the movie Sleight on Netflix about?

Sleight is a 2016 superhero drama film that focuses on a young street magician named Bo in Los Angeles.

Bo (played by Jacob Latimore) starts dealing drugs to look after his little sister, Tina, after their parents’ death. By day, he performs magic tricks all over the city, including his special move where he can control anything metal, even extending to floating it in the air. He does this by building an electromagnet into his arm.

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By night, however, he sells drugs to pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads. But when things go awry and Tina is kidnapped by his supplier, Bo must use his magic and intellect to get her back.

The ending to Sleight explained

But how does the movie end? The cliff-hanger ending to Sleight has led to many fans wondering what it means and how it can be explained.

Bo upgrades his electromagnetic device later in the movie so that he can better fight back against his supplier. Right at the end of the movie, however, his girlfriend Holly opens the door of his room one night.

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A white glow covers her face, and she appears to be in disbelief about what she sees before her. The viewer, however, doesn’t get to see what Holly sees, and the movie then ends.

It’s unclear what the ending may mean, but some have suggested it could be a sign that Bo’s superpowers were real, and not just the result of a scientific device.

Will there be a Sleight 2?

The nature of how the movie Sleight ended has made fans wonder if there will be a Sleight 2 in order to explain what happened.

Director and writer of Sleight, JD Dillard, has not yet commented on whether or not there will be a Sleight 2. So, it’s hard to say if fans will get concrete answers about the movie’s ending anytime soon.

Twitter reacts to Sleight movie on Netflix

After watching Sleight on Netflix, many Twitter users have taken to the platform to talk about the movie, as well as its cliff-hanger ending.

Here are just a few examples of the mixed reviews the film has received:

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