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Who is Dexter New Blood's Skyler Wright, who plays green-haired Chloe?

Darcy Rafter December 6, 2021

Skyler Wright is an American actress who has played Chloe in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood 2021. Chloe is the green-haired character that Dexter fans are desperate to know about.

In 2010 she was cast in a controversial play with John Shea titled Blackbird. Although Skyler has now gone from the stage to the screen as she appears in Dexter: New Blood.

Let’s discover who Dexter New Blood’s Skyler Wright is as a new green/blue-haired Chloe appears on the screen.

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Who is Skyler Wright?

Skyler Wright was born on 24th August 1997 in Atlanta, GA, and moved as a young child to Nantucket, MA. Her mom was a wine merchant and her step-father was a stockbroker and she attended Duxbury High School in Boston.

Skyler is 24 years old and is an American actress who first became known for her role as Tye Sheridan‘s girlfriend in The Forger (2014). Wright was also cast in the role of Jax on Devious Nanny (2018). She caught her love for acting after performing in various productions in her hometown of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Wright was also a member of the Duxbury Chamber Choir and has danced with the Millennium Dance Complex. Skyler also trained at New York University, the Berklee College of Music and the Broadway Artists Alliance.

Wright has wide recognition for her role within the International Thespian Society where she completed over 1,000 hours of theatre. She also received numerous acting awards from the M.E.T.G. (Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild). After this, she signed with a Boston Talent Agency called Ayers Talent Agency and worked in commercials.

Who is Dexter New Blood’s Chloe character?

Chloe is a character on the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

In the episode, she asks Kurt Caldwell for money for a bus fare after Chloe spends what he already gave her. Dexter was getting petrol when he sees Kurt Caldwell talking to Chloe inside the diner.

A couple of days later, Susan who is a waitress then tells Kurt that customers are talking about the green-haired girl that is hanging out in his diner. She offers to take care of it, but he says that he will sort it all out. So Kurt approaches the girl who he calls Chloe.

Chloe responds “Look, I – I know I said I was gonna use that money you gave me to get bus fare to my mom’s, but I, I was really hungry and – and I needed to buy a new coat, ’cause it’s cold as hell out there, and I just….”

Kurt reassures her that it is okay as she asks for more money, “If you spot me another $80, I will get that bus fare. I swear, just – just give me your address, and I’ll… and I’ll send it back to you as soon as I get to my mom’s.”

Instead of keeping on giving her money, Kurt agreed to give her a job and make her own money. Chloe seems to decline the job offer and continues to plead for a bus fare. Kurt drives Chloe to a cabin out in the woods which happens to be the same one that Lily stayed in.

Kurt lets her stay in his spare room and says that her “meals are included” she is very thankful and asks what she can do for him in return.

Fans react to Chloe’s character on Dexter: New Blood

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