Sex Education Season 2: Unanswered questions fans want resolved in Season 3

Kate Fowler September 23, 2020
Sex Education Season 2: Unanswered questions fans want resolved in Season 3

Sex Education Season 2 left fans with many unanswered questions – do Maeve and Otis get together? Are Eric and Adam still an item? Who’s the new headteacher? Now that filming for Season 3 is back on track, it’s time we got some answers.

The first two seasons of Sex Education were released in January 2019 and 2020, but with this year’s filming put on hold, we can expect season three to arrive a lot later.

Filming for the Netflix hit was supposed to start in May but, like everything else in TV world, it was pushed back because of the pandemic.

However, relax and breathe a sigh of relief as Sex Education season three has officially started filming as of 9 September.

Although we’re glad our favourite British-meets-American show will be back on our screens, we still have a lot of unanswered questions from Season 2 we can only hope season three resolves.

The most pressing unanswered questions from Sex Education Season 2

Does Maeve find out about Otis’ voicemail?

Let’s start with the most obvious of the unanswered questions. At the very end of season two we see Otis leave a confessional voicemail confessing his feelings for Maeve. When he gets to her trailer she’s not there but Isaac is. Otis asks him to let Maeve know he visited and to check her messages.

Trusting a boy who fancies Maeve to get her to listen to your love declaration, Otis? Rookie error. Isaac deletes the message and Maeve never hears it.

In season three we want to know whether she finds out and, more importantly, what happens with Maeve and Otis. Will they finally get together? They’re meant to be!

What will happen with Jean and her pregnancy?

At the end of season two, Jean finds out she’s pregnant by Jakob (Ola’s dad). She doesn’t have that pregnancy joy and glow, however, in fact she’s crying uncontrollably.

We don’t find out in season two whether Jean plans to keep the baby. We know Sex Education isn’t shy about showing abortions – season one featured an honest and raw scene about Maeve’s abortion.

However, in a fun video of the cast getting ready for filming we see Jean actress Gillian Anderson pose with a jumper up her top to replicate a baby bump. Perhaps Otis will welcome a sibling in season three?

Are Eric and Adam still together?

Throughout Sex Education we’ve seen Eric find himself and welcome his sexuality with pride. Adam did the same, although with a few more obstacles in the storyline.

In season two, Eric ditches Rahim for Adam, while Adam professes his love for Eric at school. All good…right? Eric and Adam’s romance has been met with its fair share of critics who didn’t like the ‘victim gets with homophobic bully’ storyline.

We want to know if Eric and Adam will last in season three and how Adam handles the aftermath of coming out (especially to his father). Eric and Adam have been toxic to each other so far – will they work this time around?

Who will be headteacher in season three?

Headteacher Mr Groff (also Adam’s dad) is suspended from his job after throwing a massive tantrum during the play about how explicit it was (I mean, fairs because it really was).

During his war on sex education, Mr Groff copied and shared Jean’s confidential notes from her sex counselling sessions at the school in a Mean Girl burn book-style scene.

Photo by Clint Spaulding/WireImage

This is one of the unanswered questions from Sex Education season two we can actually answer. The show has reportedly hired Girls actress Jemima Kirke as the new headteacher. We can’t wait to see Mr Groff’s reaction to a woman taking his job.

Will Ruby get nicer?

Moordale High is rife with bullies. Even though we’ve already seen bully Adam give up his ways, we wonder if Ruby will follow suit?

Through the two previous seasons we’ve seen glimmers of kindness and vulnerability in her character already. In season one, her nudes are leaked and the whole school claims they are their nudes in a powerful scene (the “it’s my vagina” one).

In season two Ruby’s power complex comes into play when she explains she likes to go with unpopular boys, like Otis, to build her confidence. In the following scenes we find out her dad has MS. Talk about a game-changer.

We hope we see more of that Ruby in season three – she’s actually a nice girl behind the bully façade (fingers crossed).

Will Maeve save her relationship with her mum?

To say Maeve had a hard time in season two would be an understatement. We finally meet her mum and little sister and it seems to be going well. Until Maeve finds out her mum hasn’t been going to work and is using drugs again (thanks to Isaac and his many manipulative plans).

Maeve calls social services and she and her sister are taken away. Will this be enough for Maeve to cut all ties with her mum or will she try again for the sake of her sister?

In an interview with L’Officiel, Maeve’s actress Emma Mackey said: “It broke my heart to shoot certain scenes between Maeve and her mother – but it’s a challenge I love.”

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