Meet Saamer Usmani from Inventing Anna: Dating life and career explored

Yasmine Leung February 23, 2022
Meet Saamer Usmani from Inventing Anna: Dating life and career explored
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Saamer Usmani portrays tech chief executive Chase Sikorski in Netflix drama Inventing Anna and, although his on-screen relationship failed, take a look at who the actor is dating IRL.

Inventing Anna is inspired by the crimes of Russian-born conwoman Anna Sorokin. The drama has fuelled endless questions over how Sorokin managed to outsmart the leading players of New York society, including bankers, lawyers and business magnates.

Meanwhile, the meme-ability of the series has helped propel it to Netflix’s top spot, with some even joking about a theoretical relationship between ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev and fake heiress Sorokin.

We do agree, though, she definitely would’ve been able to swindle the swindler.

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Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Chase Sikorski and Anna Delvey are Inventing Anna’s power couple

I don’t know about you but the motives of character Chase Sikorski in Inventing Anna caught us by surprise. We were so distracted by Anna’s criminal activity it never crossed our mind he was just as much of a fraudster as his girlfriend.

When his Wake app begins to fail, Sikorski ditches Delvey and investor Nora Radford, seemingly fleeing to the Emirates to work for a sheikh and leaving his staff in New York in the lurch.

Unlike Delvey, Sikorski’s name is fictionalised. An article by New York Magazine mentioned by The Cut referred to Delvey’s IRL partner as the “boyfriend she was running around with for a while, a futurist on the TED-Talks circuit who’d been profiled in The New Yorker”

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Meet actor Saamer Usmani

Born 21 October in Pakistan (although the year of his birth isn’t clear), Saamer Usmani moved around often – Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Nigeria and Massachusetts are just some of the locations – before attending college in Toronto.

After studying sociology and anthropology, Usmani fell in love with acting after attending a class and went on to study Shakespeare in the UK.

His professional career launched in 2012 with a minor role as a gas station attendant in TV series The Firm. His biggest roles to date – aside from Inventing Anna – are in 2019 anthology series What/If as Avery Watkins, Chris in HBO’s Succession, and Prince Errol Swoon in The CW’s Katy Keene.

When he’s not on set, you’ll catch him exercising and playing sports, particularly tennis and basketball.

He’s dating Tedra Millan

Inventing Anna fans can’t help swooning over the actor but, sorry to tell you, Usmani has been dating actress Tedra Millan since November 2013.

Also a producer and director, Millan graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in theatre performance in 2010. She gained a Masters in classical acting from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, the same institution where Usmani studied drama.

The actress also appeared in Katy Keene as Hannah Melvey but her most notable roles were in TV movie The Wolves and in Fosse/Verdon as Chrissy.

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