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GH alum Ronnie Marmo 'longed' for twin brother and 'felt bad' over his death

Darcy Rafter May 9, 2022
GH alum Ronnie Marmo 'longed' for twin brother and 'felt bad' over his death
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG

General Hospital alum Ronnie Marmo (ex-Ronnie) joined Maurice Benard’s two-year YouTube journey, after guest-starring on his podcast, State Of Mind. The duo recounted personal stories as they bravely opened up about their mental health in a recent episode which aired on Sunday, 8th May.

While you may know Marmo from his acting role on General Hospital, he’s also an accomplished writer, director, producer and a family man. Let’s delve deeper into his family life and how he dealt with the loss of his twin brother.

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Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG

GH alum Ronnie Marmo opens up about twin brother’s death

At the start of the interview, Marmo sets the scene of his early childhood, describing his younger self as being “out of control”. He then bravely opened up about his late brother, Frankie, recounting that he was born as an identical twin. The actor explained that back in the 1970s, they took photos of babies instead of ultrasounds, but because Ronnie was always hiding behind his brother, it went unnoticed that his mom was having twins. When it came to their delivery, the midwives were unprepared and although Ronnie was 2lbs and his brother was 6lbs, Frankie died.

Talking about his family life, Marmo also explained that his father left them at a young age. His mother, Rosie, who he recounts was “the greatest person he ever knew” died at 53. In the podcast, he recalls that his mom was the person who got him into theatre, as she took him to productions. The day after she died, he auditioned for a community play and fell in love with the stage. Maurice kindly suggested that Marmo’s gift for acting was something she left him when she passed.

Ronnie Marmo reveals he ‘felt bad’ over his brother’s death

Marmo reveals that he often ‘feels’ and ‘thinks’ about his brother, wondering what it would be like if he was alive. He also admitted that he subconsciously ‘felt bad’ over his twin’s death. Even re-telling moments when his mom would find him talking to the mirror saying “Frankie, I’m sorry” at just four years old. Explaining why he always felt a ‘longing’ for his brother, especially as his death wasn’t talked about in his family. That was up until the day his mother passed away when she said “Frankie’s been calling me all day”.

As Marmo got older he admits that he was filling the void of his brother with anything he could. Revealing that therapy, recovery and his profession, were all saviours in helping him stay sane.

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