Netflix series Control Z returned to the streaming platform earlier this week for its second season. As fans watch the latest instalment of the show, some noticed the tribute to former Control Z cast member Rodrigo Mejía.

Control Z pays tribute to Rodrigo Mejía

Netflix series Control Z premiered its second season on the streaming platform this week (Wednesday, 4 August).

Amid its release, some fans noticed the tribute to actor Rodrigo Mejía, who died in February aged 45 following complications after contracting covid-19.

In honour of his passing, the series dedicated the second episode of season two, The Return, in the actor’s memory.

As the episode drew to an end a brief message was displayed, reading: “En memoria de Rodrigo Mejía” (In memory of Rodrigo Mejía).

Control Z Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Control Z Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who did Rodrigo Mejía play in Control Z?

Season 1 of Control Z made its way to Netflix last year and became a hit with fans as they followed characters navigating the dangerous world of cyberbullying after an anonymous hacker exposed students’ secrets.

Following the release of the first season, fans of the show were introduced to actor Rodrigo Mejía who played Papá Natalia, the father of Natalia.

Natalia, played by Macarena García Romero, was a popular teen who was one of many affected by the cyberbullying attacks from the hacker on the show.

What else was he known for?

Rodrigo Mejía was also an established telenovela actor, having first become known for his roles on-screen in the late 2000s.

Some of his most notable roles from this time saw him in the cast of TV series Soñar No Cuesta Nada, Mundo De Fieras and Fuego En La Sangre.

Mejía also played roles in a number of films and movies, including El Eterno Silencio and Las Lloronas.

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