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Meet Robin Wiltshire from My Heroes Were Cowboys on Netflix

Olivia Olphin September 17, 2021
Meet Robin Wiltshire from My Heroes Were Cowboys on Netflix


Robin Wiltshire has been described by his son Patrick as a “full-blown cowboy”. The horse trainer has supplied animals for some of Hollywood’s biggest films, including Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. We introduce you to the Wyoming rancher.

What is My Heroes Were Cowboys about?

My Heroes Were Cowboys is a short documentary about the life and work of horse trainer Robin Wiltshire. The film takes a look at his early life and how this inspired the work he does today in the film industry.

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The short film also documents the love and compassion between human and horse, and the trust required to teach an animal skills. Robin’s wife said about her husband’s relationship with his horses: “It’s like they become really good friends.”

The documentary was directed by Tyler Greco, with cinematography by Joe Victorine.

My Heroes Were Cowboys | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Heroes Were Cowboys | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet horse trainer to the stars Robin Wiltshire

Robin Wiltshire was born and raised in a small country town in rural Australia. He has described himself as “the runt of the litter” and a “loner” as a child. His lack of communication with other people meant he found solace in working with animals.

He was raised by his grandfather who was a war hero, having served in the Light Horse Brigade in Australia. However, Wiltshire struggled to achieve the recognition of his grandfather, who said he would “amount to nothing”.

A young Wiltshire became enamoured with American Westerns and Western heroes such as John Wayne. He was committed to combining his passion of film and training horses. He made his way to the US thanks to his talent for riding bucking horses at the rodeo.

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Wiltshire made his breakthrough when his horses appeared in an advert for Marlboro cigarettes in the 1990s. He went on to work for companies such as Budweiser, and trained horses for hit films Rocky IV and Django Unchained.

Wiltshire is now the proud owner of Turtle Ranch in Wyoming, which is a training ranch.

Many people have taken to social media to share their love for the new documentary and Robin Wiltshire:

You can stream My Heroes Were Cowboys on Netflix now.

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